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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Philosophy of Walkin

Steven Kleinman
Second Installment
2nd May 2017

 In my first installment, I talked about a some of the phiploshies of walking. Now I want to take a different approach, talking about the philosophy of walking and happiness in a personal manner. With this different approach I will be talking about my personal opinions and experiences with it. Before I took this class, I would often still enjoy just going walking outside. Over the years, walking outside has be a time for me to relax away from worries, happily enjoy the outdoors, maybe brainstorm ideas, or even mourn over a loss. As you can tell, walking outside can be useful in many different situations.

When I was a kid, I loved the outdoors.
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When I was a kid (6), I loved the outdoors, I would play outside almost every. The imagination I had was extraordinary. The outdoors never got boring because I created my own little world. As I got older(13) , the love was still there for the outdoors. I would often go outside, but now not for the same things. Regardless, I still enjoyed the outdoors. I would often play sports and different games with my neighborhood friends. The enjoy in the beginning was more of a mental.... creative one. Around the age of 13 going outside was for a more physical interest. Then I grew up more (15-17). The outside became "too hot" or "too cold". I would rather play video games and spend my time inside. I always found myself complaining about the outdoors rather then enjoying it. Yeah, from time to time I would be out, but I wasn't up to any good 90 percent of the time. I didn't look at the outside as anything special, maybe other than an escape from my parents. I'm almost 20 and about a year ago, a lot inside me had changed. I began to start meditating every day and eating very healthy. That's a topic for another time, but the point is, I became more aware. I started to analyze the environment around me more deeply, started taking more walks, started looking as going outside as something to look forward to. I think it really hit me the first time when I went on a cruise for spring break. Every night the stars would shine so bright and reflect off the dark crystal waters. Then every other morning we would be at a new port. The landscape was different every time and had environments I rarely get to experience. It really opened my eyes just to realize how amazing the outdoors and the earth is. I went home with a different mindset. I no longer looked at the land around me as the same boring things I see all the time. I saw the world with more beauty and elegance then I had before, yet it had always been there. Often times I will walk, lost in my thoughts, and it will always hit me. Why am I not paying more attention to the experience around me of walking outside. Often times we get caught up with what is going on in our head, but we need to remain more aware of our surroundings. Now how does this relate to happiness? WELL...

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Being outside just simply makes me happy. I get excited to look at the green leaves on the trees, watch colored leaves fall, watch the stars at night, watch the snow fall, and so much more. As I've started to become a witness of the amazing outdoors I have become more happy. When I'm often times stressed, I will go outside and just breath. It allows me to feel more human, just a species on a planet, co-existing with the living and no living. Being outside makes me less worry about playing my cards right in life and being successful, I become a man free of constraint. Often throughout my life my goal for my future has been to become rich and swim in presidents. Now all I want out of life as to be more apart of the soil I stand upon. I want to travel the world and feel my success in memories and the happiness I felt from those memories. Lots of that happiness will come from where happiness is easiest to get, a stroll through the outdoors.

The outdoors always make me happy and feel inspired.... Watch this video, I'm sure it will do the same!

Link to first Installment: http://cophilosophy.blogspot.com/2017/04/section-10-first-installment-philosophy.html

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