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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Monotheism Brandon Benson Installment 2

            Gore Vidal, who dedicated his life to carefully studying human history, cites America’s Founding Fathers, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as key players in the anti-monotheistic movement, as their disdain for and cynicism towards monotheistic beliefs stemmed from a rejection or a sky-god presence, and a focus on man at the center of the world. Thomas Jefferson was an open deist who found monotheism comically illogical, and a young Abraham Lincoln wrote pamphlets against the Christian church. In a 1994 interview, Vidal describes west as having been in a thriving period until monotheism befell society in the Greco-Roman world, as well as other older civilizations. Vidal then goes on to address and confirm his anticipation of the rise of China, and attributes the rise of China to Confucianism. Confucius is an atheistic system of thought and education, which is far better suited to serve a diverse society like the United States of America, certainly preferably to monotheism. The reason for that, Vidal claims, is due to the dementia of our churches, which derives from religious tax exemption. While countries continue to bicker and fight over religious views deriving from an unproven existence of a sky-god, countries are falling behind the inevitable and eventually impending war over water. Climate change will cause a race to control the ice caps, and that is a much more serious problem that should concern people rather than monotheism. Vidal says: From the beginning, sky-godders have always exerted great pressure in our secular republic. Also, evangelical Christian groups have traditionally drawn strength from the suppressed. African slaves were allowed to organize heavenly sky-god churches, as a surrogate for earthly freedom. White churches were organised in order to make certain that the rights of property were respected and that the numerous religious taboos in the New and Old Testaments would be enforced, if necessary, by civil law. The ideal to which John Adams subscribed — that we should be a nation of laws, not of men — was quickly subverted when the churches forced upon everyone, through supposedly neutral and just laws, their innumerable taboos on sex, alcohol, gambling. We are now indeed a nation of laws, mostly bad and certainly anti-human.
Roman Catholic migrations in the last century further re-enforced the Puritan sky-god. The Church has also put itself on a collision course with the Bill of Rights when it asserts as it always has, that "error has no rights." The last correspondence between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson expressed their alarm that the Jesuits were to be allowed into the United States. Although the Jews were sky-god folk, they followed Book One, not Book Two, so they have no mission to convert others; rather the reverse. Also, as they have been systematically demonized by the Christian sky-godders, they tended to be liberal and so turned not to their temple but to the A.C.L.U. Unfortunately, the recent discovery that the sky-god, in his capacity as realtor, had given them, in perpetuity, some parcels of unattractive land called Judea and Samaria has, in my mind, unhinged many of them. I hope this is temporary.”

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