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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Team ball is lyfe Section 12 FQ amd DQ

FQ: T/F  Thomas Hobbes was a very sickly man, but as a child he was healthy.

DQ : Do you accept Hobbes picture of humanity?

I believe in Hobbes picture of humanity. As humans we all are selfish and power hungry. Once you get a little taste of something better or something you've never had before, you want bigger and better things. Men fought for land and resources as far back as history goes, so no matter what we can not escape these urges. I believe though that the challenge for us is to fight these urges all through our lives. I also agree with him when it comes to having someone to enforce the law, a powerful individual, and without it the world would go down hill very fast and not be very profitable in the end. BUT I believe that powerful individual should give his people rights to make decisions if they disagree with a law or tax.


  1. FQ: What was Hobbes' most important book?
    DQ: Do you believe that people follow the rules because they are afraid of punishment, or because they want to do the "right" thing?

    Like Sarah says above, I can agree with Hobbes' views on how humans are self-satisfying, but only to a certain extent. We all have basic drives and instincts that tell us to do something, but I do not believe that we always listen to them and always act on them. In my opinion, it is a matter of the strength of our will whether we give in to things like selfishness, jealousy, greed, and etc. I do think that it helps society to have a governing figure, but I definitely disagree with a one almighty, sovereign ruler.

  2. Spring Garner10:43 PM CST

    FQ: What age did Hobbes live to?
    DQ: If you had to live in what Hobbes called 'a state of nature', would you make alliances or only trust yourself?

  3. FQ: The Illusion Argument questions the reliability of ____. P 104

    DQ: Have you ever experienced a lucid dream? If yes, more than once?

  4. FQ: Phenomenalism and idealism seem to lead to ____.

    DQ: How do you view the world?