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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

FQs for 05 Mar. 2015

1. What literary form is credited to Montaigne? (PB 51)
2. What event in Montaigne's life caused him to lose his fear of death? (PB 53)
3. What is the one thing Descartes said no one could fool him about? (PB 64)


  1. Group 1-H01

    FQ: Montaigne was a great believer in _______ as the main source of philosophical wisdom, and named one of his greatest essays after this. (PB 54)

    FQ: Descartes is often described as the founder of ______ philosophy. (PB 61)

    FQ: ______ argue that the simple view of science is misguided. (P 131)

  2. Victoria Lay12:59 PM CDT

    H01 - Group 3
    FQ: Was Montaigne fine with accepting everything was in doubt? (PB 57)
    FQ: Was Descartes a sceptic? (PB 63)
    FQ: One criticism of representative realism is that it makes the real world ______. (P 112)