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Monday, March 30, 2015

Team Ball Is Lyfe Section 12

We talked about the difference between having interpersonal and personal conversations as well as dealing with arguments with friends and taking responsibility in arguments.

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  1. This comment goes along with the philosophers for Thursday, April 2.

    I find that David Hume's stance on miracles to be very depressing. I see where he is coming from with the fact that there is no hard core evidence to prove that a miracle has happened, but I do not agree with his belief that there are no miracles. Wihtouth the possibility of a miracle happening, how could a mother with a close-to-death child keep fighting for its life? How can a person who was in a head on collision with a semi-truck, wearing no seat belt possibly live? Even though there are no logical explanations for some of the things that happen in the world, miracles happen all around us. I guess what Hume is saying is that he does not think what happens is a miracle, but some other form of an event. In all, I choose to have hope that miracles exist and will happen to each and everyone of us in some way.

    FQ: T/F David Hume was an empiricist.

    DQ: What is your definition of a miracle and do you think it has to do with a superior being such as God?