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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It's Always Sunny & Philosophy

Dennis, Dee, Mac, Charlie, and Frank are some of the most self-centered jerks alive. Collectively, “the gang” represent an exaggerated version of the disregard for others we all possess. The show takes a similar concept of Seinfeld in that it is kind of a show about nothing. The plot boils down to a group of friends in Philly that own a bar, and spend way more time hatching schemes to get over on people than they do actually working. They even leave their bar without anyone running the place to go do something devious or fun from time to time. The title of the show itself can be seen as a philosophy. Although the characters often have an optimistic view for their latest scheme, the result is almost always resoundingly not in their favor. However, these degenerates are resilient, and they continue to try to beat the system or swindle fellow citizens for their own benefit. Equally apparent as their egocentricity is their tendency to seek pleasure. The gang digging up graves, exploiting the welfare system, running a sweatshop, shooting people, kidnaping people, poisoning flip-cup rivals, impersonating police to steal money, and faking cancer are all done with the goal of pleasure. In “The Gang Solve The Gas Crisis,” Dee even reveals that she was contemplating killing her brother Dennis to become the heir to her recently deceased mother’s fortune.

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