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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sun Tzu


Dusty Cantrell, Eli Price, Josh King

Our midterm group presentation is over the great Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu. We will be looking at how his text “The Art of War” was originally meant to benefit a military in gaining knowledgeable strategy tactics. Also, we will talk about how Sun Tzu’s philosophies developed goal orientations, leadership and most of all communication and preparation. We will determine practical uses for the philosophies of Sun Tzu.
 We will discuss how Sun Tzu’s philosophies translate between eastern and western societies, as well as, components of human interaction in relation to balance and efficiency. We will discuss how each society has a different focus of the philosophy in relation to the individual and the whole.

             Finally, we will end with how you can relate sun Tzu’s teachings with the world and economy we  have today, which is business driven. Sun Tzu can give you an edge in the business world by translating his philosophies into modern priorities. To allow us to further progress we can make use of old philosophies and shape it to the needs we have today.

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