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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lion King and Philosophy

Barbee- Thrash
Philosophy 1030

I will be doing Lion King and Philosophy. Seeing how the Pride was run on the Circle of Life, and how that kept each animal in their place, including the hyenas that were forced to stay in the shadows. I'll also be looking into the true view and intentions of Scar, who had the goal to ultimately run the Pride after his brother and only to be replaced by his nephew Simba. Of course, one philosophy that was shared throughout the movie was Hakuna Matata, and I'll go into how meaning can actually be interpreted from Timon and Pumba's meaning and the true actual meaning behind those catchy lyrics.

Lastly I’ll also go into the mixed and maybe vague beliefs that Mufasa believed in and taught to Simba, which did bring on the confusion later on during his meeting with Timon and Pumba. The lining of the religious belief and radical belief throughout the movie and how that played a role in Simba’s reckless decisions to finally go back to Pride Rock and take responsibility.

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