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Friday, October 16, 2015

Martin Luther (Austin, Janet, Karol)

Martin Luther was a German monk in the 16th century, however he wasn't always a monk. One night he was caught in a horrible thunderstorm and he yelled " Save me Saint Anne  and I will become a monk!" I wonder if he wouldn't of screamed this what the outcome would have been, regardless he became a monk and is a very important person in history. At the time, Catholic was the prominent religion. The Catholic Church was very corrupt in many ways, some examples of this is the price on marriage, but the most important and disgusting one was the practice of indulgence selling. Indulgences are a way to receive a lesser punishment; sadly Friar Johann and many other church officials starting using this as a way to raise money for the church. This money was used on things such as decorating the Basilica in Rome etc. Martin Luther, very upset with this practice wrote the famous 95 thesis; this is a list of questions up for debate about the church rather than accusations. This book was the foundation of the Protestant Reformation and is very important throughout history.
Martin Luther eventually dies on February 18th, 1546. 

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