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Monday, October 19, 2015

Hip Hop & Philosophy

Posted for Chris Redditt, Mckayla Boaatwright, Evan Luster, Monee Preston-
My group split hip hop and philosophy into four parts. Chris will be talking about god and love from the book. He will discuss the aspect of god’s power from saint Thomas Aquinas beliefs. He will, also, discuss love from different philosopher’s point of view and dealing with hip hop. Mckayla will talk about the authenticity, blackness, and sexuality involving hip hop and philosophy. She will also talk about the two types of hip hop.
            Evan will be discussing the essence of violence in hip hop and in philosophy. Monee will be talking about the language and ethics of the hip hop and philosophy topic. Hip hop and philosophy are very similar. Both have people teaching lessons, for example, hip hop has rappers and philosophy has philosophers. They both express the beliefs to the world and other people follow their words. Their beliefs are somewhat identical as well. For example, Andre 3000 and the philosopher Pausanias both believe that there are two types of love. A physical love and then the type of love that is more in to the person’s character.

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