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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dusty Cantrell (12) Extra Credit

Do you agree that maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain are the main (if not exclusive) criteria of ethical action? Why or why not?

           Maximizing pleasure is critical to flourishing in society. When a person experiences maximized pleasure they are consumed by happiness and radiate that energy. The person will become more productive and effective in their daily life. Maximized pleasure amongst a group in society can also greatly benefit the society as a whole. The society then receives maximized potential.
            However, minimal pain is only acceptable sometimes. Pain is an important ingredient for the human nature. It allows them to grow into better people and this in turn aids societies progression. Think back when you endured a period of time in pain. Did you lose from it, or did you gain further knowledge on life and what to make of it.

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  1. Exam 2 Extra Credit
    Reyna Shellhart (#8)

    Question: Have you had a near-death experience, or known someone who did? What did it teach you/them? How often does the thought occur to you that you're always one misstep (or fall, or driving mistake) away from death?


    Just this past weekend my boyfriend's dad went to the ER with chest pains and found out he had two silent heart attacks. He had blood clots in 2 of the 3 main arteries to the heart, he was one lucky duck that day. It was a major shock to all of us and definitely an eye opening experience. It taught me that I need to take better care of myself; eat better, exercise, sleep better, and watch my actions and habits. We may feel that we are fine on the outside and that everything on the inside is in tip-top shape, or close to it, but in reality there could be a whole world of problems going on inside our bodies. I learned that I need to start paying attention to what my body is telling me and do something about it when that time comes. Now that I have gone through this experience, I realized that death can be around the corner any day of my life and I will never know when it will happen. I also realized that I not only need to take better care of myself, but also of the others around me. I have and will continue to try to help my boyfriend's dad as much as I can to get himself better. He is like a second father to me and I want him to be here for as long as possible.