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Thursday, December 5, 2013


1. He became fascinated by the branch of mathematics and logic called she theory? (Russell)

2 . Who was an egalitarian and believed humans should be treated equally? (Marx)

3. Which philosopher of the 19th century was a campaigner against injustice, feminist, politician, journalist, and utilitarian influenced by Jeremy Bentham? (John Stuart Mill) LH pg. 139

4. Who made the theory about how we should live, the "utilitarianism or greatest happiness principle?" (Bentham)

5. According to Sigmund Freud, the third great revolution in human thought was ____. (The unconscious) LH pg. 177

6. What is Sigmund Freud’s view on why we believe in God?
(because you still need the protection that you felt as a very small child.) LH pg. 180


·         What was Adolf Eichmann’s response on why he followed Hitler’s orders? (He was doing his duty). LH pg. 211 


·         Describe John Rawls’ thought experiment, “The Original Position.” (design a better society, but doing it without knowing what position in society you’ll occupy)


·         What is Rawls’ first principle in his theory of justice? (Liberty Principle— everyone should have the right to a range of basic freedoms that mustn’t be taken away from them)


·         What is Rawls’ second principle in his theory of justice? (Difference Principle— society should be arranged to give more equal wealth and opportunity to the most disadvantaged)


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