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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The A Team (16-1)

Hope everyone had an amazing day off.

FQ: Which American philosopher wrote the highly influential book A Theory of Justice in 1971? John Rawls
DQ: What did you think about Judith Jarvis Thomson's example on abortion and the violinist?

Judith Jarvis Thomson : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PoPy0MBevE

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Damon McCook


  1. 16-2
    After writing my post, I came to post on here and realized that you and I have the same exact factual and discussion questions, haha. In my opinion, I feel like it wouldn't be a duty for me to keep that person plugged in and therefore, I feel like it is a choice of the parent on whether or not to have an abortion.

  2. Chelsea 16-19:34 AM CST

    I do not think that Judith Jarvis Thomson's example fully answers the question on the morality of abortion. I think the example is too different of a situation than a pregnant woman. When you have your thought experiment and listen to that example you can easily tell yourself that hey this violinist is how old now? You could think of many things to say oh hey I do not have to be responsible for this random famous violinist. Such as not even being related to that person or knowing them at all. Maybe you might tell yourself the violinist has already lived a pretty full life. With being pregnant there are different questions posed.

    FQ: What famous thought experiment did Judith Jarvis Thomson come up with to argue for a woman's right to choose to have a baby? (The famous violinist)

    DQ: After reading about Judith Jarvis Thomson's violinist example, do you think that answers the question on if it is immoral or not for a woman to have an abortion?

    Link: John Rawl's theories

  3. Ben 16-19:35 AM CST

    What was John Rawl's religious belief?

    Do you believe that every human should have the same monetary rights regardless of birth class?

    I feel like the story with the violinist could go both ways for and against abortion. Is abortion unjust or just?

    Here's an awesome link!

  4. I think the violinist story is a good way to think about abortion honestly. It puts things in a different perspective for different people.
    FQ: Was John Rawls religious? (no he was atheist)
    DQ: What are your views on abortion?
    Here's a link to an article I thought was interesting: http://atheism.about.com/od/abortioncontraception/p/AbortionEthics.htm

    1. Taylore (16-2)11:58 AM CST

      The problem with the comparison with the violinist and the abortion is that the violinist has no link/connection to the random person it is connected to, whereas with the abortion the fetus is partly of the mother chromosomes in which they have some relation/ link to one another

  5. Andrew 16-110:56 AM CST

    FQ: At what age did Bill Moyers start his journalism career and where? (16, Marshall News Messenger in Marshall, Texas)
    DQ:What do you think about female infanticide? How can people live with themselves after punishing a baby for not being born a certain sex?

    After everything thing I have seen and heard throughout my life I stay pro choice, I know just about all the arguments and I still stand my ground.


  6. The topic of abortion has always been very touchy and everyone always seems to have different opinions on the matter. I personally side with being pro-life. No matter if someone else thinks that a baby is just a fetus, it is still living. A baby is (in scientific terms) is a living object at conception.

    FQ: Was John Rawls and atheist? Yes
    DQ: Even though women do have the ability to choose what do with their own bodies, is it always the right choice?

    This is a great link that compares abortion to the holocaust

  7. Jordan Cornelius12:22 PM CST

    I personally am against abortion, but I would be okay with an abortion if it came down a risky pregnancy and the mother losing her life. That would make it okay for me.
    FQ: did John Rawls have any political impact with his philosophy?(He received the National Humanities Medal from Bill Clinton for "helping a whole generation of learned Americans revive their faith in Democracy itself")
    DQ: Do you think If he was around today, he would still have a democratic impact on politics?

  8. Courtney 16-312:29 PM CST

    I agree with Jordan, but i don't think the abortion debate will never be answered.

  9. FQ: where and whenn was Karl Popper Born?
    a:Vienna 1902

    DQ: Have you ever had a paraidgm shift?


    home video of someone explaining paradigm shift as Kuhn did in his 1962 book, The Structure of Science