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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Death to the Syllabus!

Looking ahead to the next first day of class, and a new syllabus for 2014...
"It is time to declare war on the traditional course syllabus. If there is one single artifact that pinpoints the degradation of liberal education, it is the rule-infested, punitive, controlling syllabus that is handed out to students on the first day of class. 
I have seen long and highly detailed syllabi that carefully lay out rules for attendance, punctuality, extra credit, grades, and penalties for missing deadlines, as well as detailed writing assignment requirements that specify page and word length, spacing, margins, and even font style and size. The syllabi use boldface, underlining, italics, and exclamation points for added emphasis; the net effect is that of the teacher yelling at the student..."  Liberal Education | Fall 2007 | Death to the Syllabus!
Stay tuned.

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