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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Free Oxford podcasts

As I said on the last day of class, I hope you don't consider it your last day of philosophizing. Here's one way to continue:
When someone develops an interest in philosophy, good luck trying to keep them away from it. They’ll find the stuff anywhere. These days, the internet makes possible such wide and instantaneous dissemination of philosophical materials that you literally can find it anywhere. (Take for example our list of 75 Free Philosophy Courses from Great Universities.) With developments in internet media, even the biggest institutional players in philosophy have joined in. The appearance of conveniently podcast lecture courses from the University of Oxford must count as an on-the-go philosophy fan’s dream realized. Writing this very post while traveling through western Japan, I plan to soundtrack my journey with the John Locke Lectures, which rank “among the world’s most distinguished lecture series in philosophy.” (Then again, I do have a strong sense of incongruity.) The archive includes David Cooper’s “Ancient Greek Philosophies as a Way of Life,” David Chalmers’ “Constructing the World,” and Thomas Scanlon’s “Being Realistic About Reason.”...
Take First-Class Philosophy Lectures Anywhere with Free Oxford Podcasts | Open Culture

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