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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Peter Singer on the radio

Driving to Memphis yesterday to fetch Older Daughter home, I tuned in to 90.3 and caught Peter Singer on "On Point," talking about the same things we were at CoPhi's conclusion last week. A very interesting hour worth hearing, giving us all (as Singer says at the end) much to think about. And act on. 'Tis the season.
“Singer tells his students that though almost anyone would dive in to save a drowning child, Americans eschew giving to the world’s most desperately poor—including the 19,000 children dying every day of sheer poverty-related causes—even though it is well within our means to help. By failing to do so, Singer claims, we cannot consider ourselves to be living a ‘morally good life.’” The Atlantic: Giving 101: The Princeton Class That Teaches Students to Be Less Selfish
"The Life You Can Save" website... How much should you give?

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