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Saturday, June 10, 2017

New "Anglo-American Mind" (AAM) student

Welcome to our newest AAM student, George Burnett. George offers a better summary of our Scorecard Game than I did:
If I understand correctly, the weekly 250+ post is a home-run and any additional post is a single. It is, therefore, possible to score two runs in one week if I post 4 times in addition to the initial 250+ word post.

This class is going to be fun.
It is!

Speaking of fun, I'm planning to be out on the berm in left field at First Tennessee Park Thursday night for the Nashville Sounds game against the Iowa Cubs (weather permitting). Let me know if you'd like me to save you a spot (BYOB: bring your own blanket). And be advised and/or enticed:  it's a "Throwback Thursday" - the beer is cheaper. We might even squeeze in a little philosophy.

Beyond then, let me know when/if you want to meet with me in person... and let your classmates know when/if you'd like to meet in my absence.

Looking forward to your first week's posts.


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