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Monday, June 26, 2017

Why Mill's prefered the educated and people with higher authority jobs to have more than one vote.

J.S. Mill is by far  one of the most interesting characters and greatest minds I have read about in my life.He believed in the abolishment of slavery , equal rights for woman ,birth control, all the issues we have 200 years later now in our own times he was talking about in the 19th century how amazing and ground breaking was this. It is revoloutionary thinking.Mills' thinking compared to no other , and no thers' mind compared to his. In our reading it talked of Mills' own run for parlimaent . Where he stated that maybe the people with a university degree should have more than one vote, but was this thinking really that radical? In fact Plato belived the voters should be locked away from any major influence that might corrupt their way of  thinking hence their way of voting. Locked away from money , women , etc.. anything to corrupt a man's mind.In the USA they had voter repression all the way up until 1975, proving you had to at least have an 8th grade education. I would , and maybe could see why this may matter in a true democracy , but America in fact is not a true democracy , America is a republic. We as citizens vote on representitives such as local , state and federal. Congressmen and women , Senaters, and the President of the USA to make our decisions for us. They write and vote for most of the laws we as citizens do not.What do you guys think?


  1. We're supposed to be a democratic republic, and our elected representatives are supposed to be responsive to their constituencies and respectful of one another. It's not been working so well lately, has it?

  2. Anonymous8:32 PM CDT

    No it really has not . I am really disappointed in what our country has become on a moral standpoint, it is greedy and corrupt . Most of our civil liberties are well gone.