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Friday, May 13, 2016

Plato's Tripartite Division of the Soul


  1. It would be a fun exercise to plug modern examples into these boxes. Instead of "charioteer," "white horse," black horse," for instance, it might be "Prius," "Corvette," "Lexus"... In the music category, Dean, which box is yours in?

    Also remember, all, that you get another base for each additional author post (after your required weekly mini-essay, which gets you a whole run).

    1. Be sure, everyone, to keep an accurate personal log of all your posts, comments etc., so you can accurately claim and account for your bases and runs on the scorecard.

    2. That would be a fun exercise. Rational: Volvo or Prius; Spirited: Lexus; Appetitive: Corvette or chauffer-driven limo with wet bar.

      Someone should chime in with bands.

  2. Tripartite dogs: Rational: Border Collie; Spirited: German Shepherd; Appetitive: St. Bernard.

  3. Rational: Classical, Spirited: Jazz, Country, Rock, Hip-Hop w/ a positive message Appetitive: Rap, Rock w/ a pleasure (hedonistic) focus.

    Genres of music is tough to determine because music is such a subjective experience that to classify a genre as being a certain type would be too miss the beauty of music. However, there are definitely certain artists or songs that are explicitly appetitive, such as a lot of popular rap, or rock songs about sex, drugs, and money. A good way to test a song would be analyze the lyrics and determine what area they fall into or what the message is communicating.

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