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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Faking It in the Matrix (Rene and the Matrix pt.II) Courtney Manns #6

I've often imagined myself in the Matrix.  I've always wondered, "what if we really are just being programmed to experience what we call our lives?" What if there was a fiendish, malicious program that only wants me to be nothing but a customer service rep, slaving day and night barely above minimum wage pay, just to make ends meet long enough to continue working until I am no longer of use? Is the program really so malicious if there are people living in the lap of luxury? Surely, they wouldn’t think so. Or are they just placed here by the program to taunt me? Maybe seeing the Kardashians living a lavish life, for doing absolutely nothing, is only an illusion of the program meant to frustrate me. What if the Kardashians are as poor as me, what if there really are no Kardashians? Rene Descartes believed that we can really believe everything we see. Honestly he believed that all of our senses have betrayed us. One thing he promoted in his philosophy is that we do exist for certain. "I think, therefore I am", this is his famous quote and most known idea contributed to modern Western philosophy. His conclusion was that if we are thinking, then we must exist in some form or another; Otherwise we wouldn’t be conscious of our very own thoughts. In this realization, he imagines that he has finally outsmarted the malicious demon in his dream theory.  
But, if I exist simply because I'm thinking, conscious, and aware of my existence (and believe me, I do feel the same way) then shouldn’t I be able to think of myself in the best of circumstances? Sure, I can't just imagine myself as a rich person and I wake up the next day with millions of dollars in my bank account. But if I carry myself as a mogul by making the same decisions that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Beyonce would make, then eventually those actions would pay off. If I think that I am beautiful, then I should be beautiful, if I behave as a beautiful person. I don’t mean, be a stuck up person who thinks they're better than everyone; What I mean is, if I behave as though I am confident and unaware of my insecurities, then people will be attracted to my confidence and therefore attracted to me. Studies have even shown that people who take on the posture and behavior of a confident person is perceived as more beautiful than their less confident self. Therefore, I agree with Descartes and his theory of existence and I am willing to take it a step further and think of myself greater and fake it until I make it.    Previous Post

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