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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chapter 4 Questions

Here are some questions I dug out of Chapter 4 for fun and runs. For me, chapter 5 is a conformational eye-opener.

Q: Plato believed that the visible world was an illusion or a pale imitation; Aristotle thought the visible world was real. What two points does Arthur Herman argue that Plato missed?

1. Plato’s theory of knowledge leaves out the possibility of change (p. 48).
2. Aristotle restores the reality, even the dignity, of the individual (p. 48).

Q: Plato’s philosophy was based on transcendence. Aristotle’s philosophy was based on _________?
A: Causation (p. 49-50).

Q: What is Aristotle’s term for God?
A: The Unmoved Mover or Prime Mover (p. 50).

Q: Plato’s philosophy looks constantly ________, and Aristotle’s philosophy looks ______.

A: backward, forward (p. 52).


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