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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Struggling authors

A student writes that she's struggling to find her group's summary. But apparently her group's authors are the strugglers, or stragglers. There are still 10 open invitations. At this point there should not be ANY. If you agreed to be an author, open your invitation please!

Once you do that, you should see "New Post" at the top right of this page. Click on that.

If you are an alternate author, and the designated author in your group has not yet posted a summary of the group's discussion within a couple of hours of class's end, just do it yourself.

If you ever can't find your group's summary, just reply to another group's post (just be sure to identify yourself by group #).

If you still don't understand what you should be posting, read the latest "NEXT" announcement in the right margin. Then, if you STILL don't understand, come see me.

And let me know if you'd like to be an author too. The more the better.

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