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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Honors Section: Philosopher's Guild

When we split into groups, our first initiative was to discuss group names. Unfortunately, I cannot give a blow-by-blow since I have already forgotten names. Grump.

Eventually, the conversation was steered to philosophers and what is philosophy. While we didn't come up with a philosopher or definition of philosophy and only two members could think of a philosopher (Myself  NOT included),

Eventually, we doled out book responsibility. I will post discussion questions when I am sure what book we're reading. Help me out here, group.


  1. Factual question: do philosophers directly influence American politics as much as they influence politics in other countries? (No)

    Discussion question: do you think that America is really as unreasonable and anti-rational as Susan Jacoby believes?

    Comment: our group seems like it is going to be full of great discussions in the future. We are all from different views of life and with that different personal philosophies. We spent the first part of our discussion searching for the perfect name for our group, then dove into discussions on philosophers and ended on an interesting discussion about religion.

    Like to a quote by Susan Jacoby on America: http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/259719.Susan_Jacoby

  2. Comment: I am truly excited to be a part of this group! Even though I only came in on the last few minutes of discussion I really do think that it is going to be a fun and thoughtful time of debate :)
    And we are reading America the Philosophical 3-13 I believe. I haven't read it yet and will post my questions and link once I do that!

  3. Evan Mason3:55 PM CDT

    Factual Question:
    Who thought America paid the least attention to Philosophy?
    -Alexis De Tocqueville

    Philosophical question:
    Is American culture the most philosophical in the history of the world (up to this point)?

    Comment Here:
    Our discussions of the idea of philosophy was wonderful. I cannot wait to fully experience our future discussions.
    Our group will definitely be one of opposing views but that only makes things even more fun. For anyone wishing to
    know, my favorite philosopher is Howard Bloom.

    Comment there: On the posts by The Highlanders

    Link: http://pinterest.com/pin/34480753370136952/
    I think this is just a great quote of the day.

  4. Factual Question: Who pushed philosophy to becoming a full fledges discipline? William James
    Discussion Question: What can America do to become a more philosophically based nation?
    Comment: Above posting
    Other comment: on Group 3
    Link: As I was looking at William James' work I came across this quote and loved it. I think it relates really well to our groups differences. Lets keep a good attitude throughout our debates :)
    "Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude." -William James

  5. Gavin (The Highlanders)12:13 PM CDT

    I find it interesting that most of your group could not think of any philosophers. That makes me feel a little better because I also have no real knowledge of philosophers or philosophy. My entire group seemed to know who their favorite philosopher was, while I just kind of sat in the background and listened. I didn't really start to talk until my group began discussing politics.