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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Still looking for lost authors

Nine of you have successfully joined the ranks of CoPhi "authors"... but there are still eight open invitations. (See below*)

Thanks to "Tink" for posting a very nice (and nicely illustrated) Rule Book for us. (Scroll down to the next post, beneath this one.)

Here's a simple slogan that might begin to demystify things for those who remain confused: "Questions" forward, "Comments" backward, "Links" either way.

Here's a simple hypothetical example of what a typical summary/reply might look like:

AUTHOR'S SUMMARY: Today in #16/2 [eg], we discussed Plato's view that there exists a transcendent and supernatural world of Forms or Ideal Essences, and Aristotle's counter-claim that forms are in the world, in particular objects. There is no perfect Form for "Cat," he said, there are just lots of particular cats. Plato looked "up" and away from the world for its essence, Aristotle looked down and around. Our group was about evenly split between Platonists and Aristotelians.

HYPOTHETICAL REPLY: Factual Question for next time (my "position" is AP): What was the title of Lou Marinoff's first book? -Plato, Not Prozac. Discussion Question for next time: If you needed or wanted psychological therapy, would you consider seeing a philosophical counselor rather than someone trained in traditional psychotherapy? Why or why not? Comment: I think Plato was misled by language, and the fact that we can speak of "Cat" as though it were a reality. In fact, only particular things, animals, etc. are real. General, non-particular names are just an abstraction. (I've also posted a comment to #16/3's summary.) Link: I found a cool video about Plato here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryGPPc5Z5Ng

That's all. HOME RUN.

[And if you want to do just a little extra, find another link...]

I found Lou Marinoff's latest book here:

Clearer now?

 *You need to open your invitations, author-wannabes.

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