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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1. I would attend both schools if possible at the time for the experience and to get the two different views from each school
2. I am extremely active person and have been a personal trainer for nearly a decade now and one of my favorite things to do is be outdoors and active. My brain/body doesn't function if I do not get to be active in someway during the day. 
3. My favorite days being outdoors was in Portland, Oregon where I saw the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. Mountains, snow, moss, and hiking through it all was breathtaking and wish I never had to leave!
4. I do share my beliefs and speak to people daily about the importance of health in wellness. In person and on my own personal blog at Kevinandresfitness.com check it out!
5. I am working on my listening skills. Over the past year I have taken on not speaking when others speak. Its respectful and allows the argument or conversation to have more flow versus dominating and speaking over the individual, I hate that!
6. It's very clear that people often (not all) jump to conclusions. Oh he is going to tell me I need to be more active, eat better, drink less pop, and so forth. Since they have heard this many times they don't actually listen to how you could help them. Or they aren't willing to change yet, because it hasn't affected them other than weight gain. 


  1. Dynesha Love2:30 PM CST

    1. I would like to have attended Plato's school because I believe in his reasoning for stating why the human body is composed of three different parts: the spirit, the reason, and the appetite.
    2. I believe I am an active person, but at times can be very sedentary. I would much rather go walking or go for a swim than play video games.
    3. The most memorable outdoor experience I've ever had was attending 6th grade camp in San Diego, California. I went a week without internet and did a lot of hiking. I also learned a lot about Earth and some survival skills.
    4. I've attempted to share my beliefs in public in a philosophical way. The difference between philosophically stating your beliefs and proselytizing stating them is that I'm not trying to make anyone change their beliefs to mine because I think they're correct or better, I'm simply stating what I believe and why I believe it.
    5. I'm a very good listener. I state my beliefs and I try to understand the other persons beliefs and see it their way as well.
    6. I believe we live in a very intolerant age. I say this because apparently in today's society, having an opinion is a bad thing. People like to have one belief and stick with it. Having a different opinion from the rest of the world is considered discreditable.

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