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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Goober the philosopher

Maybe Mayberry's intellectually insecure filling station attendant shouldn't have borrowed Floyd's (or Ockham's) razor. He sides with Parmenides and Zeno here...


..., but really comes closer to exemplifying the Heraclitean flux. "A man don't change, Floyd", "a man's himself; and if he's himself, how can he change?" Deep. (9'55")

Aunt Bea says his stubble somehow now makes him look like a Thinker. He decides to keep it.

"Seems like the me that's really me and was bein' held back by the I that I am is comin' out all over my face."  But he's a little too self-conscious. "That's got to be brung out."

-Andy Griffith Show, episode 196 (Season 7, ep. 14, "Goober Makes History")


  1. Terry Maddox11:16 AM CST

    Completely off topic, but I found this interesting after last weeks in class discussion.


  2. Did you understand what the speaker meant when he said "the trinity of trinities was created simultaneously" etc.? It's easy to SAY "time, space, and matter were created 'in the beginning' by something or someone "outside the universe" but not so easy to UNDERSTAND what that means. Or, what "beginning" means if it's not really "the beginning".

    1. But maybe we should ask Goober.

  3. A few thoughts I had concerning one of the things that Goober said, as well as the subject that we are pondering, and thinking about this week.

    Goober said "we all carry the weather around inside of us... it could be bright and sunny outside, but you could look into someone's eyes, and see a dark and stormy night "(or something along those lines). I personally know sadness, and I know what it feels to be overwhelmed with stress to the point of tears. At the same time, I know the heights of joy and peace, but I agree with Goober; that we all have a light inside of us that shines through the tears. I know I have a light that shines through the sadness, and through the stress, and my light is Jesus Christ. I believe that everyone has a spark that they can tap into, and it's not just putting on a smile to make it look like everything is good in your life. It's deeper than that. There is a joy that does not vanish when times get tough, and when things go wrong. There is a light inside every one of us that will shine and bring you peace and joy and comfort in times of deep hurt, and sadness. It's the joy that I have found in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have a confidence in my life that they're is always a silver lining, and that there is a purpose in life. I know my purpose, and that is the sunny day that I bring along inside of me. What kind of weather are you carrying around inside of you? Is it joy, peace and love, or is it sadness, disapointment and fear?

    In order to move forward in your life, you have to find out what kind of weather you are carrying around inside of you, and what kind of situation that it is causing you to create in you r relationships and surroundings. This has a lot to do with the thought that one of the discussion questions pointed out (something like looking inside to find out who you are, and looking at the world and how you r seances perceive it). Look up at the sky, marvel at it's beauty. Watch the stars at night, and wonder how many there are. Watch the flowers in the spring time coming up, and be maxed at how intricate the world is ,a don how blessed we are to be a part of it. Then look at yourself,look and see how you fit into it all. Are you here to bring it all down with you r attitude toward its beauty? Are you hare to be something that diminishes the joy that comes with experiencing the wonder, grace, and joy of creation? Look inside yourself, and find the light that you were introduced into this world in possession of. Make a difference in the lives of those around you. Be the light in a dark world. Bring you r sunshiney day with you wherever you go, and you will be surprised how many people's day you will brighten, and change for the better.

    You have a purpose, you have a reason to live. Your life embodies beauty and grace, empowerment and peace, passion and commitment, love and life.

    Never forget what kind of weather you have inside of you, and your eyes will always be a bright sunny day.

  4. Apparently that video went down, but I found another version of it here.