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Monday, January 16, 2017


Let's introduce ourselves, Spring 2017 CoPhilosophy collaborators. (I'll tell you in class why I call my version of the Intro course "CoPhilosophy." But maybe you can guess, from the William James quote in the masthead.)

I invite you all to hit "comment" and reply with your own introductions, and (bearing in mind that this is an open site) your answers to two basic questions: Who are you? Why are you here? (in this course, on this campus, in this state, on this planet...)

Our first class meeting will consist mainly of introductions and a heads-up that this is an unconventional course in ways I hope you'll find delightful, instructive, and rewarding. If you don't like to move, breathe, and converse in the open air on "nice" days, this may not be the course for you. But if you don't especially like the conventional lecture-style academic model in which I talk and you scribble silently in your seats, it may be just what you're looking for.

We'll not go over the syllabus or get bogged down in the nuts and bolts of course mechanics on Day #1, there's plenty of time for those details later. But do peruse the blogsite and syllabus (linked in the right margin) before next class and let me know what's unclear. Meanwhile, read your classmates' intros and post your own.

I'm Dr. Oliver, aka (despite my best efforts to discourage it) "Dr. Phil." I live in Nashville with my wife, Younger Daughter (a HS Senior), a dog (Angel) and a cat (Zeus). Older Daughter is a college Senior in another state.

My office is i300 James Union Building (JUB). Office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-1, & by appointment. On nice days office hours may be outside, possibly in front of the library (in the "Confucius" alcove, if it's available) or at another designated location. I answer emails during office hours, but not on weekends. Surest way to get a quick response:come in or call during office hours.

I've been at MTSU since the early '00s, teaching philosophy courses on diverse subjects including atheism, childhood, happiness, the environment, the future, and bioethics.

My Ph.D. is from Vanderbilt. I'm originally from Missouri, near St. Louis. I was indoctrinated as a Cardinals fan in early childhood, so I understand something about religious zeal. My undergrad degree is from Mizzou, in Columbia MO. (I wish my schools weren't in the SEC-I don't approve of major collegiate sports culture or football brain injuries, as I'm sure to tell you again.)

My philosophical expertise, such as it is, centers on the American philosophical tradition of William James and John Dewey. A former student once asked me to respond to a questionnaire, if you're curious you can learn more about me there.

What you most need to know about me, though, is that I'm a peripatetic and will encourage you all to join me in that philosophical lifestyle as often as possible during discussion time. (If you're not sure what peripatetic means, scan the right sidebar or read the syllabus or ask me. Or look it up.)

I post my thoughts regularly to my blogs Up@dawn and Delight Springs, among others, and to Twitter (@osopher), and am continuing to experiment with podcasting as a classroom tool this semester. Follow me if you want to.

But of course, as Brian Cohen said, you don't have to follow anyone. (Extra credit if you get that reference... and real extra credit if you realize that my "extra credit" is usually rhetorical.) However, if a blog or podcast link turns up with the daily quiz (which will always be posted on this site no later than the night before class), you might find it helpful to read or listen.

Enough about me. Who are you? (Where are you from, where have you been, what do you like, who do you want to become,...?) Why are you here? (On Earth, in Tennessee, at MTSU, in philosophy class)? Hit "comments" below and post your introduction, then read your classmates'... and bear in mind that this is an open site. The world can read it. (The world's probably busy with other stuff, of course - Drumpf and Kardashians and cooking shows and other examples of what passes for "reality" these days.)

Please include your section number in your reply, and in all future posts on this site:
  • 8-TTh 9:40-11:05, JUB 204
  • 9-TTh 1-2:25, JUB 202
  • 10-TTh 2:40-4:05, BAS S330

From a distance, philosophy seems weird, irrelevant, boring...
and yet also – just a little – intriguing.
But what are philosophers really for?
The answer is, handily, already contained in the word philosophy itself.
In Ancient Greek, philo means love and sophia means wisdom.
Philosophers are people devoted to wisdom.
Being wise means attempting to live and die well.
In their pursuit of wisdom, philosophers have developed a very
specific skill-set. They have, over the centuries, become experts in
many of the things that make people not very wise. Five stand out:
There are lots of big questions around: What is the meaning of life?
What's a job for? How should society be arranged?
Most of us entertain them every now and then, but we despair of trying
to answer them. They have the status of jokes. We call them
'pretentious'. But they matter deeply because only with sound answers
to them can we direct our energies meaningfully.
Philosophers are people unafraid of asking questions. They have, over
the centuries, asked the very largest. They realise that these
questions can always be broken down into more manageable chunks and
that the only really pretentious thing is to think one is above
raising big naive-sounding enquiries.
Public opinion – or what gets called ‘common sense’ – is sensible and
reasonable in countless areas. It’s what you hear about from friends
and neighbours, the stuff you take in without even thinking about it.
But common sense is also often full of daftness and error.
Philosophy gets us to submit all aspects of common sense to reason.
It wants us to think for ourselves. Is it really true what people say
about love, money, children, travel, work? Philosophers are interested
in asking whether an idea is logical – rather than simply assuming it
must be right because it is popular and long-established.
We’re not very good at knowing what goes on in our own minds.
Someone we meet is very annoying, but we can’t pin down what the issue is.
Or we lose our temper, but can’t readily tell what we’re so cross about.
We lack insight into our own satisfactions and dislikes.
That’s why we need to examine our own minds. Philosophy is committed
to self-knowledge – and its central precept – articulated by the
earliest, greatest philosopher, Socrates – is just two words long:
Know yourself.
We’re not very good at making ourselves happy. We overrate the power
of some things to improve our lives – and underrate others.
We make the wrong choices because, guided by advertising and false glamour,
we keep on imagining that a particular kind of holiday, or car, or computer
will make a bigger difference than it can.
At the same time, we underestimate the contribution of other things –
like going for a walk - which may have little prestige but can

contribute deeply to the character of existence.

Philosophers seek to be wise by getting more precise about the

activities and attitudes that really can help our lives to go better.
Philosophers are good at keeping a sense of what really matters and what doesn't.
On hearing the news that he’d lost all his possessions in a shipwreck,
the Stoic philosopher Zeno simply said:
‘Fortune commands me to be a less encumbered philosopher.’
It’s responses like these that have made the very term ‘philosophical’
a byword for calm, long-term thinking and strength-of-mind,
in short, for perspective.
The wisdom of philosophy is – in modern times – mostly delivered in
the form of books. But in the past, philosophers sat in market squares
and discussed their ideas with shopkeepers or went into government
offices and palaces to give advice. It wasn’t abnormal to have a
philosopher on the payroll. Philosophy was thought of as a normal,
basic activity – rather than as an unusual, esoteric, optional extra.
Nowadays, it’s not so much that we overtly deny this thought but we
just don’t have the right institutions set up to promulgate wisdom
coherently in the world. In the future, though, when the value of
philosophy* is a little clearer, we can expect to meet more
philosophers in daily life. They won’t be locked up, living mainly in
university departments, because the points at which our unwisdom bites
– and messes up our lives – are multiple and urgently need attention -


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  2. 8-My name is Chris Ferran. I am an computer information systems major and I am here because I think philosophy is interesting

  3. Kylan Stribling1:50 PM CST

    Hello my name is Kylan Stribling and I am a football player here at MTSU. I am freshman pursuing a business management degree. I plan to use that degree to be a manager at a business one day if my dreams of playing professional football are not achieved. I have two brothers, one older and one younger.

    I am in class 8-TTh 9:40-11:05, JUB 204 mostly because my academic advisor put me in this class, but I find the subject of philosophy very interesting. I am a wonderful listener and can see different view points pretty well, so I think I will do fairly adequate in the class. I am confident that I will learn something new and amazing this semester,and can't wait to see what this class teaches me.

    1. First off I could not figure out how to create my own post other than replying.

      I am teacher, a teacher of health and fitness educating/inspiring people to be aware of the decisions they are making.

      I recently moved from San Diego, CA to be here closer to my little sisters and family. Section 10

  4. 9- Hello, my name is Taylor Wood. I am a freshman Audio Production major. I am very passionate about music, specifically drumming, singing, and playing guitar. I am here at MTSU because I want to be in the music industry and learn how to produce music. I am in this class because it is a class I needed, and I am pretty interested in Philosophy, having never taken a class in it before.

  5. 9 - I'm Carlos Landeros and I grew up in Smyrna, Tennessee. I'm here at MTSU because it offered the lowest cost of attendance and I'm in this philosophy class because I thought it would be interesting. In addition to, I'm an Accounting major with a minor in info systems.

  6. Section 9: Hello guys! My name is Heather Deal and I am officially a senior this semester! My Biochemistry with a focus in Pre-Med, but I have also been considering joining the Peace Corps once I graduate in December. I'm pretty reserved at first, but once you get to know me, I can be a total goofball. I'm here mainly because this is the last general education course required for my to graduate, but I have also expressed interest in Philosophy after taking Dr. Oliver's Bioethics course two semesters ago. I'm looking forward to this class and getting to know you guys!

  7. 9-What up, my name is Rashad McPherson. I am a sophmore with a major in exercise science. The reason i am here is to be successful and to better myself as person. There is no giving up on my goals.

  8. 10-My name is William Deaver. I am a computer information systems major. The reason I am here because it is a general requirement and that I have always been interested in the perspective of others.

  9. Dynesha Love3:43 PM CST

    10- My name is Dynesha Love and I am a freshman majoring in Family Studies and Child Development. I am taking Philosophy because I've always been interested in learning new things and seeing life out of other people's eyes.

  10. Section 8-My name is Talmage Crihfield, but I go by my middle name Latham. I'm taking this class because my friends and I back home in Ripley, TN would sit out on our porch and start talkin about deep things like the minds and the afterlife. I figured this class will help open up my mind to a lot more.

  11. Taylor Ray4:20 PM CST

    10- My name is Taylor Ray. I'm a freshman and am liking MTSU so far. I am from the Middle TN area(45 minutes away from here)
    I am an open minded person that loves to learn new things, so this class should be for me.

  12. 8- My name is Michelle Boudreaux and I am a freshman. I live about 30 minutes east of Nashville and have all of my life. I am taking this class because it's a general education course. I've never taken a philosophy class before, so i'm looking forward to all of the new material to learn.

  13. 10- My name is Kevin Casillas, and I moved from Denver, CO to Tennessee because my father hated the snow over there. My major is business and I plan to become an accountant. I took this class because I had an interest in the subject

  14. Anonymous6:16 PM CST

    8- My name is Justin Brown and I'm a freshman. I'm from Birmingham AL and I'm on the football team. Im ready to learn and listen to other people ideas and thoughts about everything known to man.

  15. 10- Hi, my name is Lillia(Lily) Hendrickson and I am a freshmen moving here for school from a small town in Southern Wisconsin. No reason in particular that I chose MT, I just knew I wanted to get out of state to start my exploration of the world. I am taking this class because I like my mind to be blown and also to open it to ideas that I haven't yet thought of.

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    1. #9 Hello, my name is Taylor Trombley I am 24 years old and am a transfer student but technically a freshmen. My Major is Forensic Science with a minor in forensic anthropology. I moved to Nashville last year with my wife after getting out of the Army. I am originally from Flint, MI but have traveled all over the world and met a plethora of different people and have experienced many different cultures. I love learning even thought I am a little late in the game. I am attending MTSU because I have heard it is an excellent school with a pretty good forensics program and very adult/veteran friendly.

  18. 10-My name is Kane Wolnik. I am majoring in Exercise Science with the career goal of becoming a physical therapist. Philosophy is part of the 'Co'requisite classes needed to graduate for my major but I would like to think I have an open mind and feel that this course could be quite interesting. So let the wisdom begin!

  19. #9 Taylor Trombley
    My definition of philosophy is when you can look at something that everyone else is looking at but see something no one else can, to understand that there are things in life that can only be understood or influenced through thought and sharing that thought. My favorite philosopher is Alan Watts. My personal philosophy is we all should care for one another and bring happiness to others daily otherwise we are not doing our duties and human beings. Do not worry of what others think of you if you do than you will become what they think.

  20. 9- My name is Skky Miller, I was born in Jackson, Mississippi, but raised in LaVergne, Tennessee. I am a biology major and plan to become a pediatrician. I believe philosophy is what you make it, being the it the study everyday existence and way of living.

  21. 9 - Hey, my name is Patrick Oravetz and I am a Junior here at MTSU. I'm an exercise science major and I'm double-minoring in Chemistry and Biology. My goal is to get accepted into Physical Therapy school. I'm in this class because I needed one of these classes and I figured I could get more out of this than, say, art appreciation.

  22. Anonymous9:41 PM CST

    10- My name is Leah Magdal and I am a premedical student at MTSU. I am in this course because it sounded more interesting than art appreciation as well, and recently medical schools have taken an interest in students that take courses such as philosophy.

  23. 10 - Hey, my name is Trevor Hutchens and I am from Long Beach, California. I transferred as a sophomore from Cal State Long Beach last fall and I am majoring in Music Business with a minor in Business Admin. I came to Tennessee because of the thriving music scene in Nashville and the great Recording Industry program MTSU offers. That being said, I also wanted to broaden my horizons with a Philosophy class; not only because it fills a gen-ed, but because I am genuinely intrigued with the study.

  24. Anonymous10:46 PM CST

    10-My name is Maddy Russell and I am a a freshman here at MTSU. I am an early childhood education major right now but that may change in the near future. I am taking this class because it is required, but I am very interested in philosophy. I love to talk to people with different opinions and ideas, so I am ready for your class.

  25. 9- My name is Olivia Stegall and this is my second semester of my freshman year. I'm from Smyrna, TN and I am attending MTSU because I've always heard that it was an amazing school and I thought it would be a good college to attend. I currently do not have a major so I am just completing my general education classes right now, which is why I'm in this class.

  26. Anonymous11:05 PM CST

    10 - Who am I? Well, I've been labeled Clayton by my parents followed by family name of Thomas, but who I am is an animal-loving, computer science major out of Antioch, TN. As much as I love using and creating new technologies for other to enjoy, I also love to travel. I've seen my fair share of the US along with visiting a couple of countries in the Central America region. Why am I here? I'm not entirely sure. Lots of things led me to be where I am today, but why am I here today in this time in this class with this group of people? I can't give you a concrete answer, but I'm hoping through studying philosophy I can broaden my view on the world and I look forward to the rest semester.

  27. 9 - My name is Stone Jones and I'm a sophomore here at MTSU. I'm a Computer Science major with a minor in Mathematics. I am taking philosophy because out of all the options for this general education credit, I thought philosophy sounded the most interesting and most enjoyable.

  28. Eric Jefferson1:17 AM CST

    My name is Eric Jefferson and this is my first semester back at MTSU after taking some time off. I'm from Memphis but I have lived here in Murfreesboro for almost 4 years now. I'm still trying to figure out my major and what I want to do in the long run. Right now, I'm thinking I'll go with business administration, but we will see. I'm taking philosophy as a general education requirement but it seemed like it would be the most interesting of my choices.

  29. Section 8- My name is Mary Claire Dutton and this is my second semester at MTSU. I am from Murfreesboro and my major is Pre-Vet. I am taking this class because I needed another core class. I am also taking it because I have heard it is a very interesting class.

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  31. 8-Hello, My name is Alexus Uqdah. I am an English major with a concentration in writing and my minor is Family Studies. I was born in Biloxi, MS, but has lived majority of my life in Jackson, Tn. I have two younger brothers and a dog. I am taking Philosophy mostly because of my curiosity and interest in the class.

  32. 10- Hello there, My name is Detthikoun Darren Sirikoun, but I go by Darren to make everyones lives easier. Unfortunately I was born and raised in this here of an "awesome" town we call Murfreesboro. I'm a Junior and this is my second semester at MTSU, so thats pretty lit. Before attending here I went to the University or Maryland, where the mascot was fighting turtle and soon after, Motlow State Community College. After changing my major a couple of times, I'm now a Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology major with a minor in Business Administration. Reasons why I'm taking this class is because I needed another elective and also because Wine Appreciation was full. But a friend of mine recommended this course, and I think this class will be very interesting.

  33. Anonymous1:57 PM CST

    Hello, I am Caleb Watts and an economics major here at MTSU. I am in Philosophy 1030 to pick up another core class credit.

  34. Anonymous2:08 PM CST

    8) I am Crews Holt and I am a freshman football player here at MTSU. I'm currently undecided on a major and hope to decide on something in the next year although I think I might major in Marketing. I am in this class mostly because my Academic Advisor put me into it although after the first day I am very interested to learn in there. I am excited for the rest of the year.

  35. Devin Willis2:09 PM CST

    8- Hey, I'm Devin Willis and I attended MTSU as a Audio Production Major. I'm here in Philosophy 1030 because I need to pass this class so, I can get admitted into candidacy for Audio Production.

  36. 8- Hello, my name is Kianna Cooper and I am a freshman at MTSU. My major is Political Science with a concentration in Pre-law. I am in Philosophy 1030 because my Academic Advisor thought it would be a good idea, and because I thought it would be interesting.

  37. 9 - I am Jacob Andrews and this is the beginning of my Sophomore year here at MTSU. I am here at MTSU to obtain a degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems. This degree will allow me to follow my dreams of owning my own drone company.

  38. Luke Harris3:23 PM CST

    My name is Luke Harris. I am a Freshman football player here at MTSU. I plan to get my MBA here at MTSU in the next 4 and a half years. I have also thought of going to law school. I'm in this class mainly as a general education requirement but have always enjoyed reading and learning about philosophy so I'm looking forward to this class.

  39. 10- Hello, my name is Logan Mize. I'm a sophomore and a political science major. I took this class, because I recently discovered the subject, and I feel a deep interest in what I've learned on my own.

  40. Anonymous3:37 PM CST

    8- I am Peyton Burke and I am a freshman and a football player at MTSU. As of right now my major is undecided. I am taking this class mostly because of my academic advisor, but also because I thought it would be an interesting class. I am excited to learn in this class.

  41. sandy ramirez4:10 PM CST

    10- Hi, my name is Sandy Ramirez. I am currently a freshman and I am in a philosophy class because it seems like an interesting subject.

  42. 9- Hello, I am Hannah Kirby. I am a second semester freshman planning to pursue a career in the medical field with my Biology major. I am also going to be completing a double minor in Chemistry and Spanish in hopes of seeking greater job opportunities. I took a class in high school called Theory of Knowledge, and it was pretty neat. With that being said, I am taking this course because of TOK and the fact that it just sounds interesting. I am really looking forward to what I will gain from this class.

  43. 8 - My name is Jacob Cohen, and I'm a freshman audio production major. I'm taking this course because I need it for candidacy, and it seemed interesting.

  44. 10- Hello, My name is Ethan Jakes. I am a second semester freshman pursuing a degree in professional physics, specifically astro-physics. I am taking this class not only because it will fulfill the requirements for my major, but I was always interested in the subject and I would have taken the course anyway had it not been a requirement.

  45. Anonymous5:19 PM CST

    8- The name is Gabrielle Armour. Most people call me Gabby. I used to hate being called Gabby; however, it has proved easier to pronounce than my given name. I reckon it's easier because a lot of other Southerners want to say Gabrielle with an emphasis on the "Gabe". I was born and raised in Middle Tennessee, but I was not blessed with much of an accent. I am somewhat of a sloth with my mannerisms because I enjoy the slower activities in life such as reading leisurely, sleeping, and daydreaming. I am also somewhat of a chihuahua, for when I get anxious, I may freak out. (Trust me, I don't piddle like those dogs do when that happens.) As far as the rest of who I am as far as MTSU is concerned, I am an Organismal Biology and Ecology major as well as an M-number who enjoys bio stats and population studies.
    As to why I am here in this course, I'd be lying if I did not say that it wasn't because I needed another gen. ed., so that's my main reason. However, out of the menagerie of classes offered, I chose this one because I felt that it would broaden my sense of perspective and introduce me to more books.

  46. 8- Hello, my name is Michael George and I am a sophomore majoring in biology. After I graduate, I intend to go to dental school to be a dentist. But in order for that to happen, I need some fine arts credits. After looking at a list of courses that are equally boring, I decided to go with the least worst subject— Philosophy. I love science, and I am pretty sure this course can add up to my knowledge and who knows, I might learn something that will help me out for the rest of time.

  47. Devin Willis5:45 PM CST

    8- Devin Willis
    This is the link to the essay.

  48. 10- Hi I'm Clifton Matuszewski and I'm a sophomore by hours freshman by year. I'm a biology major, I chose this major due to a few things. I love nature and the environment so I'd love to be part of an environmental team of sorts. Also I love nature I love being outside, cliff jumping, etc.-- The reason I'm in philosophy is one honestly I needed it for one of my classes however, I've always found philosophy interesting and would love to learn more about what it's really all about.

  49. 8 - My name is Alyssa Davis, and I'm a freshman majoring in Animal Science. I'm a dedicated dog mom all around animal enthusiast. I'm here at MTSU to put myself out there and try to follow my dreams.

  50. 9-My name is Laura Beth Trent, I'm a sophomore and Organizational communications major (OrCo) and plan on pursuing a career in project management. I grew up in Nashville and have a huge love and appreciation for my city! I am taking philosophy because i thought it would broaden my thinking and help me in the future.
    I am at MTSU because they have a fantastic OrCo program, however i will be relocating to Toledo, Ohio in May due to work opportunities.

  51. 10- My name is Olivia King and I'm a freshman. My major is exercise science (although that is subject to change) and I'm taking this class because I thought it would be interesting.

  52. Dalton Slatton6:16 PM CST

    Section 10.
    My name is Dalton Slatton. I am from Whitwell, Tennessee in East Tennessee. I am a Political Science major with a pre-law cognate and am minoring in Criminal Justice. I hope to go to law school in Tennessee when I complete my undergraduate studies.
    I am at MTSU because I felt right at home when I toured the college. I am the first in my family to go to college, so my being here is a great achievement and a first of many stepping stones for me.

  53. Section 9
    My name is Ivana Deveaux. I am from The Bahamas. I am a Mass Communication major with a concentration in Media Management and a minor in Business Communications. I am a second semester sophomore. I am here to expand my knowledge in my field of study. I choose MTSU because it is known to be one of the top schools with the best Mass Comm programs.

  54. Section 10
    My name is DeTrayce Sawyers. I am a Political Science major with a minor in African American studies. I chose to attend MTSU because it allowed me to be close to family as I further my education.

  55. Anonymous7:33 PM CST

    Section 9
    My name is Reagan Hall. I grew up in Smyrna, TN and am in my second semester as a freshman. I have yet to declare a major. I am at MTSU because it is close to home.

  56. 10- My name is Logan Hartman. This is my second semester at MTSU since I transferred from Motlow. I chose MTSU because it's close to home. I am a mechatronics engineering major with plans to pursue a career in drafting and design in my field. I chose to take philosophy because it's something different, and seemed interesting on how to go about studying philosophy itself.

  57. LaTiffah Parris8:36 PM CST

    Hello all, My name is LaTiffah Parris and I was born in South America, Guyana(came to the states in 01'). I now reside in Nashville, Tn attending MT for school. I like learning new things, shopping, reading, & traveling. I am here to learn more about what Philosophy is all about and get my perspective from it. One day I hope to become a Neonatal Nurse or a Nurse Practitioner.

  58. Section 8
    My name is Taylor McCutcheon. I am currently undecided on a major, but I will more than likely major in animal science with a minor in journalism (odd combination, I know). I took this class because I wanted to broaden my perspective on things and also, it was definitely the better choice between dance or theater in terms of gen. eds. I hope to be a part of the "corrupted youth" by the end of the semester.

  59. 8- Hello my name is Miller Armstrong and I am a second semester freshman here at MTSU. I am majoring in Exercise Science with hopes of being a physical therapist. I also play football for MTSU.

  60. 8- Hello! My name is Lucy Haston. I'm a junior here at MTSU, and I am studying English and French. I'm from McMinnville, TN (or you may have heard it referred to as "Methminnville"). I really enjoy writing and playing music, cooking, reading, discussing current events, traveling, and many other things I could name but won't for the sake of brevity. Is anyone going to read this? Not if it's long. I would like to be fluent in as many languages as possible. Unfortunately, I'm still working on French and have a long way to go. I am taking this class as an elective, but I feel that philosophy goes hand-in-hand with most things. So, I am excited to learn more about it.

  61. Anonymous9:58 PM CST

    8- Justin Brown
    My defition of Philosophy is a your own personal thoughts and knowledge. I dont have a favorite a philosopher but hopefully after this course I'll be able to find one. My personal philosophy of life is that nothing is given in life. I think everyday that I have the oppurtunity to be Great and achieve the Goals I have upon me. I think of failure and it makes me afraid of it. I never want to lose . I just want to be successful and win. But you learn from your downfalls also

  62. 9 - My name is Katelynn Hall and I am a Aerospace major concentrating in Professional Pilot. I am here to gain more knowledge and to also become a step closer to getting my degree.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. 8- My name is Emily O'Toole. I am a freshman and from Atlanta, Georgia. I am here at MTSU for the Music Business program to pursue a career in the music world. I am very into philosophy and cannot wait to challenge myself this semester. I am so excited for the opportunity to grow as I test and challenge my beliefs while this course unfolds.

  65. Section 9- My name is Lakenda Threlkeld. I am a sophomore from Memphis, Tennessee. My major is psychology, but I plan on being an occupational therapist. My reasoning for being in this class is mainly because it is an requirement, but also I am a little interested in the wise people of philosophy.

  66. 9- My name is Cayce Morris. I am a freshman from Memphis, TN. I'm majoring in Music Business with a minor in Journalism, hopefully getting a job in the touring or management aspect. I took this class because I've always been curious about philosophy and want to know more about the subject.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Section 9 - My name is Hayden Wadell, I'm a music business major from Louisville, Kentucky. To me, philosophy is about answering questions that can be considered "unanswerable", like why we're here, why we are conscious, and what our consciousness means or what it can be used for. I'm taking this class to try and discover new angles to attack these problems. Also because I enjoy encounter people and questions that rivals my personal beliefs.

  69. Matthew Vanlandingham11:33 PM CST

    10- Hey y'all my name is Matthew Vanlandingham! I'm from Crossville, Tennessee and I'm a computer science major! I chose to be in Philosophy because I have always wondered the deeper meaning of things, so I have a lot of hope for this class!

  70. Section 10 - Hi my name is Ricardo De Leon-Guzman. I am a concrete industry management major and hope to be a sales director someday. I am originally from puerto rico, but I've lived in murfreesboro for the past 10 years. I am here because, well, it was the only class that caught my attention on the list of gen-eds I had left to take. Regardless I look forward to this semester and learning about philosophy.

  71. Section 8- Hello, my name is Samantha Rozell. I, however, prefer to be addressed as Sam. I'm a writer, or at least an aspiring one, and writing has always been consistent within my life. It's the one thing I have that I can say, without hesitation, that I am truly passionate about. Following my passion, I'm an English major here at MTSU with a concentration on writing and an undecided minor with high hopes of a possible double major and a dream of graduating from the Honors college. Growing up, MTSU had always seemed like the best option for college whenever I pondered the idea. After attending my first year, I can say with upmost certainty that it indeed is. Why I'm in philosophy, there's multiple reasons that contribute to my decision. I want to challenge my way of thinking and knowing. I want to be able to understand why others interpret things a certain way and see the answer to questions from their perspective. I want to be able to comprehend inarticulate thoughts I have about anything that can categorize underneath philosophy. In all honesty, everyone is trying to make sense of everything. I am one of those people. this class, attending college, writing, reading, traveling, understanding, perceiving, creating; it seems like the best way to start. I have high hopes for this semester, I have a feeling it won't disappoint.

  72. Anonymous12:38 AM CST

    10- My name is Yonathan Feleke. I'm originally from Ethiopia. I came to the United States seeking for better education. I'm currently studying Computer Science. This course is totally out of my comfort zone so I think it will be an interesting semester.

  73. Anonymous12:51 AM CST

    My name is Carl (C.J.) Windham in section 8 class from 9:40-11:05, I play football here at MTSU and I'm from northwest Atlanta. I have two younger siblings, one in high school the other in elementary school. My advisor suggested this course for me as something that would be intriguing and fun to be a part of. I'm happy to be a part of something that'll open my mind up to different viewpoints in the world.

  74. Anonymous1:43 AM CST

    Section 8- Carl (C.J) Windham
    I believe philosophy is whatever you want to make life to you in every aspect. I don't have a favorite philosopher as this is my first time truly studying philosophy. I do seriously believe and worship Jesus Christ, I was raised in the church.

  75. 10- My name is Zach Rosenberger, I am a senior graduating in December with an undergraduate degree in information systems. I know what's coming ahead in the next few months and I'm ready for it: interviews and internships, cap and gown, the works. It's come all too quickly, it feels like.

  76. 10- My name is Anthony Chalmers, i am a senior here at MTSU. I will be soon graduating with a degree in Aerospace-Pro Pilot. I am in this class because I am interested in sharing and also hearing what others think about certain thought provoking subjects.

  77. Ryan McLean8:32 AM CST

    9- My name is Ryan McLean, I am a sophmore thatjust transfered from Auburn and am now a polotical science major. I have been told my multipul people that I would enjoy a philosophy class. Since I need this class anyway its about time to see if they were right.

  78. Anonymous8:35 AM CST

    My name is Fatima J., I am currently a student at MTSU, and I am here (on the website) because I am enrolled in Professor Oliver's course #9. :)

    1. section 8 - Kate Archer
      Hi! My name is Kate Archer. I am a junior here at MTSU studying computer science. Unfortunately, my computer science skills haven't helped me figure out how to post to this article! I have tried a few times, and noticed some folks had success with replying instead.
      I am originally from Connecticut, and came to Tennessee over my love of music. I am taking this course as a general requirement, but also because I enjoy philosophy!

  79. Anonymous9:46 AM CST

    9 - My name is Christopher Newman, I go by my middle name Luke. I am a CIS major and plan to do some sort of Systems Administration when I graduate. I am a veteran, I was in the Marine Corps for 5 years. I am taking this class because it is a general requirement, but I do have an interest in the subject of philosophy and wish to explore it further.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. 9-My name is Caroline-Grace Hollander, however I go by Grace. I'm a junior and I'm majoring in early childhood education. I plan on teaching in other countries after I graduate, and maybe end up residing in another country. This class is a general requirement for me, however I've always been interested in understanding what philosophy is, so I'm excited to take this class!

  82. 10-Questions:
    My definition of philosophy is the act of being able to question something others assume on and lack an answer for their assumption. To think outside the box and stay away from the obvious or conventional, and pursue a sufficient answer for questions derived from such things as: "that's just the way it is."
    I actually do not have a favorite philosopher but am intrigued to learn about past/ well known philosophers.
    My current personal philosophy of life is simply treat others as you would want to be treated. To not worry or dwell on things that are out of reach or self control, that there is a time and place for everything. Being said, work is required in life for things we desire, if it's meant to be, it simply will be through work and perseverance.

  83. 10 - Hi all! My name is Alix Warner. I'm from St. Louis Missouri and am a freshman here at MTSU studying audio production. The reason I'm here at MTSU is because I wanted to be in a brand new place that I wasn't used to. It also was affordable to go to school here and had the major that I desired to study.

  84. Anonymous9:53 PM CST

    8 - I'm Zach. I am taking philosophy because I think it is useful to think clearly.

  85. Anonymous2:22 PM CST

    D.Q. #2
    10- I consider myself to be a very active and ongoing person. I would rather be outside doing anything other than to be stuck inside all day long. Whenever I am contemplating a specific problem, topic, ect. I always find it useful to take the paripatetic approach of movement while I think to come up with a certain solution. By engaging in exercise I believe stress can be relieved, thus allowing ourselves to think more rationally and more clearly. - Logan Hartman