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Saturday, June 29, 2013

9 out of 10 philosophers surveyed recommend...

"Two contemporary philosophers, David Chalmers and David Bourget, decided to find out where their colleagues stood on 30 different philosophical issues by constructing a rigorous survey that ended up accounting for the views of over 3,000 professors, graduate students, and independent thinkers. Most of the respondents were affiliated with prestigious philosophy departments in the English-speaking world, though several continental European departments are also represented.

Some semi-famous names come up in a perusal of the list of public respondents, like A.C. Grayling and Massimo Pigliucci. For the most part, however, the survey group represents the rank-and-file, toiling away as teachers, thinkers, writers, and researchers at colleges across the Western world. You survey geeks out there can dig deeply into Chalmers and Bourget’s detailed accounting of their methodology here. But for a quick and dirty summary, let’s take a couple of general categories and look at the results..."

What Do Most Philosophers Believe? A Wide-Ranging Survey Project Gives Us Some Idea | Open Culture

From Philosophy Bites, the book based on the wonderful podcast of the same name, comes an omnibus of definitions, bound by a most fascinating disclaimer — for, as Nigel Warburtonkeenly observes in the book’s introduction, “philosophy is an unusual subject in that its practitioners don’t agree what it’s about...”

What is Philosophy? An Omnibus of Definitions from Prominent Philosophers

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