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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Still having trouble posting comments?

For those still having difficulty posting comments, even after opening your email invitation to become an author on our site...

Let's crowd-source some possible solutions. So far I've heard these suggestions:

  • Try a different browser and /or computer. Don't use safari. Do use Chrome or Firefox.
  • Do NOT access the CoPhilosophy site via D2L
  • Select the appropriate "Posting as" option from the drop-down menu
  • Scroll down, maybe it posted and you just haven't looked far enough.
  • Turn off Adblock

What else? Please post any ideas you can share in a comment below, or send your suggestion to me to post for you. jpo


  1. I had trouble when I tried to post using the Safari browser. Using Chrome or Firefox works fine.

    1. I’ve always used safari on my phone and never had a problem, it could be a settings issue. Section 11

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  2. Anonymous10:33 PM CDT

    Try turning off Adblock, it worked for me.

  3. Cody Maness Section 119:01 AM CDT

    I one time did not realize there was a load more button. When I could not see my comments, I panicked and sent the same comment 4 times trying to figure out what was happening.

  4. I found it is something someone has going on with their settings for their browser. I have a lot of anti-tracking and data rejecting add ons in my Firefox. my solution was to download Opera (low power chrome without the google overlords) and logged in. All i use it for is posting here and it works like a charm. Andrew Miles Section 11

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  6. using this as a test to see if my comments are posting