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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Till we meet again


According to my research, that's a misattribution - one "Ludwig Jacobowski" apparently said it first. No matter, I'm smiling today because our course happened. You've all given me much to ponder.

To our graduates: congrats - "Oh the places you'll go!" (Dr. S did certifiably say that.)  I don't have just one word for you, but if I did it wouldn't be "plastic" (if you've seen Dustin Hoffman's "The Graduate" you'll get the joke). It's been real, even if our conversations have been conducted mostly in virtual space.

When the Fall semester begins I'll remove you guys from the author list, to make room for the new kids. But feel free to continue to use this space 'til then, and the comments section ever after, if mind or spirit moves you.

Let me know if any of you have suggestions for future MALA courses. One I've been pondering would focus on Wordsworth and Thoreau, and the link between poetry, philosophy, and the peripatetic life. Another might take a closer look at the parallels and convergences between the lives & work of Darwin and Lincoln. Another might go deeper into American philosophy: James and Dewey, plus Royce, Santayana, and (more recently) Richard Rorty. Or perhaps something on ethics & intellectual integrity in the age of misinformation and "fake news"...

Good luck, all. Don't be strangers, drop by 300 JUB if you're in the neighborhood (I'll be there just about every day starting Aug. 28). Enjoy the rest of your summers, and your lives.


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