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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Thank you class

Thank you all for making this class so interesting. Thank you Dr Oliver for keeping the class interesting. Email At anytime.  God bless you all


  1. Thank you, Joshua. Sorry we didn't pull off that visit to your farm (or did some of you?)... maybe that can still happen, some day?

    Happy trails, all.

  2. well of course i just bought some sheep you are all welcome to come if you want. We were not able to pull it off this time but in the future I am sure all of us can meet up for a walk? my email is still joshua_ledford@protonmail.com I would love for all of us to keep in touch .

  3. Joshua,

    I wanted to share my comment to Dr. Oliver and the class.


    I want to echo the sentiments of the other students who expressed their appreciation to you for introducing us to the James brothers, John Stuart Mill, and Charles Darwin. I have always intended to read The Origin of Species, but never got around to it. As I read it, I was directed to other books and then I discovered that the James brothers and Mill would also have read it. There is something special about reading a book and imagining what it must have been like for them to read it, but my greatest delight came in discovering the Henry David Thoreau had also read it and it had a profound effect on him. I only wished he had lived longer so he could have shared more of how he felt.

    And I want to thank the other students for their post they have enlighten me and I am most grateful and wish those who are moving on to a new life the very best and I hope our paths will cross.