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Monday, August 7, 2017

Farewell fellow classmates: Thank you

Last post: Thank you

Fellow classmates and Professor Oliver,

It has been fun, just as I thought it would be. I really haven’t kept up with all the runs we have scored, but I know it’s a lot. I love hearing other people’s points of view on serious and controversial topics and none of you have disappointed me. Some of your thoughts were profound and all of them were thought provoking.

Thank you, Brandon, Don, Joshua, Vega and Dr. Oliver. I hope to see all of you in another (on ground) MALA class sometime soon.

Dr. Oliver:

Thank you for introducing me to J. S. Mill, a man after my own heart in several respects. I look forward to our discussion about the man himself. As for the James brothers, I think I would have enjoyed them more if I was more sophisticated and more intellectual. Regretfully, I am not. It is my loss.

Thanks to all of you for contributing to my education and for your respectful and enlightening conversations. I doubt that I will ever forget any of you.


George Burnett


  1. Thanks, George. I too look forward to a "grounded" class with as many of you as may still wish to further your educations under the auspices of our institution.

    Don't give up on the Jameses, George. They're worth the effort.

    Or on Darwin either.

  2. Best of luck to you as well, George!

  3. George,

    I wanted to share my comment to Dr. Oliver and the class.


    I want to echo the sentiments of the other students who expressed their appreciation to you for introducing us to the James brothers, John Stuart Mill, and Charles Darwin. I have always intended to read The Origin of Species, but never got around to it. As I read it, I was directed to other books and then I discovered that the James brothers and Mill would also have read it. There is something special about reading a book and imagining what it must have been like for them to read it, but my greatest delight came in discovering the Henry David Thoreau had also read it and it had a profound effect on him. I only wished he had lived longer so he could have shared more of how he felt.

    And I want to thank the other students for their post they have enlighten me and I am most grateful and wish those who are moving on to a new life the very best and I hope our paths will cross.