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Sunday, July 23, 2017

It is hard to tell because Britain has its own unique slang, ways and culture. As you all are aware I lived there for approximately three years. Although Britain has its own popular trends that are culturally charged it seems as if America is the country responsible, the cultural hub, for setting trends. Hollywood has really taken over as well as our music industry. Youngsters in Britain want to come to the US.
Now to touch base on universal church going. I believe that more people have opened up to the Christian religion. The Christian churches are a prominent and active in our communities and in society in a whole.  I noticed recently that the Muslim faith has grown popularity and they have made their way into a great deal of controversy. In fact, a local Masque close to where we reside was vandalized on the July the 4th and the assailants had also placed the meat of a pig around their place of worship. I attend church not because it is expected or what is acceptable but because it is what I want to do. Although there are many denominations and religious preference that I do not agree with I am not out persecuting people for the way they believe or am I imposing to imprinting my religious beliefs on anyone.  There is a fine line and a big difference in acts of righteousness and acts of religious persecution. Just because I don’t agree to like someone or their ways does not give me there right to change or impose on their life’s unless it is in self-defense if there religious is endangering my wellbeing or my safety then I feel as if an adverse action would be justified.
Joshua Ledford


  1. "more people have opened up to the Christian religion"-good for them, if their religion makes them better people. For the record, though, statistics show that in our time more and more people are also opening up to alternatives to Christianity-not just Islam or other traditional mainstream faiths, but also to everything that can be cast under the rubric "spiritual, not religious" - which includes many who could also be described as secular, agnostic, humanistic, even atheistic. What would JS Mill and William James say about this increasingly pluralistic universe? I think they'd say "Bravo!" And they'd agree with you, people of every preference should live and let live, and respect the mental freedom of everyone else. Charles Darwin would echo that sentiment, noting that individual variation is what fuels evolution and what we call "progress"... And Henry James would write approvingly of so much overlapping, non-redundant experience.

  2. On the issue of religion I too would side with Mill and James in the perspective of live and let live. I am an agnostic, but I go to a church in Nashville to help with their different outreach programs. The pastor knows full well I am a nonbeliever and he never pushes religion on me, he directs me on where to set up tables, serve food, and take out trash. I really enjoy the fact that his church opens the doors to non-believers, members of the church of Scientology, Muslims, Jews, and anyone else that is looking to help people. I am not a big fan of proselytizing. I do not enjoy people coming to my home or place of work and trying to convert me to their belief system. I will gladly let you live, and I simply ask the same in return.