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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Joshua Ledford Post July 3

The nature and limits of the power which can be legitimately exercised by society over the individual." But isn't it a necessary presumption of those who advocate political freedom that the individual will is free to choose, and be responsible for those choices?"

      John Mills was born one of nine other siblings. His father was James Mills who lived his early life in impoverishment working at first as a struggling journalist. He wrote on British India. James Mills marriage and the fact that he had a large family in his son’s eyes, and other projects conduct that was viewed as “not making good sense” and portraited negligence in duty on both a personal and profession level. Mills states, “Many years after his childhood experiences, in his highly influential On Liberty (1859), Mill stresses that his liberty does not amount to ‘anything goes’.” Mills philosophy on Parenthood included stressing the duties in relation with being a parent: to support offspring, and the responsibility to educate your offspring well. He felt as though boring children without being prepared as a moral crime. Whereas today we have groups ranging from both ends of the spectrum. Some are fighting for the right to fertility while others are ranting and raving about prochoice. As stated in our text, “In the nineteenth century birth control was a delicate topic. Recommending ‘obstructions’, not mere moral restraint, could lead to charges of obscenity” I disagree with the times and even the suggestion of the government or other entities assuming the responsibly of pursuing charges of obscenity. In my opinion, the same entity or departments that were against birth control should have been promoting it. It would have helped with population control and the high rate of unwanted or shunned pregnancies. My personal belief is that there everyone should have a right and deserve the right to have children and believe that someone or an individual that has issues with infertility should be assisted by our insurance companies here in the United States. My wife and I are considering trying for a child but after graduation. I find it amazing the power that society can have and the influence that popular opinion can have over a society. I also considered the fact that a lot of insurance in the united states do support the right to fertility mention but it all depends on in what region you live in the United States.
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  1. It's Mill.

    "everyone should have a right and deserve the right to have children" - I'd put it the other way 'round: every child has the right to responsible and loving parents. There's no greater right, and no larger responsibility.