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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Final post

Final post due no later than Friday,August 11: 1,000+ words on the relevant Anglo-American topic of your choice. My suggestion: select an additional text, possibly one mentioned on the syllabus or in one of my subsequent posts, or one that you've come across independently, and give us a book report/critique. Try to relate it to as many of our texts, topics, and discussion threads as you can. Remember, a blog post is a less formally constraining medium than a conventional term paper. Have fun with the medium: include links, graphics, videos etc. Also include a final tally of how many runs you're claiming for the summer. Comment on classmates' final posts (remember, each comment is a base & every four bases is another run).

Alternate final post suggestion: convene an imaginary round-table discussion with the Jameses, Mill, Darwin, and yourself as moderator. Transcribe the proceedings, posing any discussion questions you like. (If I were moderating, though, I might begin by asking each of them to say what "experience" means to them, and what its significance is in their respective worldviews and philosophies-particularly the variable experience of distinct individuals.) You may use actual quotations and your imagination to fashion the dialogue you think they might have with you (if quoting directly, be sure to provide sources or links to sources). A good template might be the old "Meeting of Minds" series.

Again: have fun!

(And don't forget to comment on your classmates' posts, & include your tally of total runs.)

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