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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weekly Essay

I'm in New York and I always have such a great time. I really enjoy walking, period. It's so nice to be in a city that you walk to your destinations. I see things you aren't able to see when you are focused on driving. Also since you walk to nearly everywhere everything is of course, more compact. So there are more building, more restaurants, more people and I like that. The peripatetic philosophy mindset is so true. When I'm walking around I am thinking. I like to think back to the history and imagine what New York used to be like. How difficult was it for people to move to New York from Europe and all the different cultures I see here. I see Indian, Swedish, German, Dominican, Cuban, Latin, you see it all. In most states you don't get that. You don't get all the different cultures. In Nashville you get country, in New York you get everything. It's just fascinating how "different" of a world New York feels like. But, do you ever think to that's how we basically started? Why isn't every city like New York? Why didn't every city attempt to have what New York created in the United States. Ask someone to take a bus or a train into Nashville they might be hesitant. To be honest, I am not sure if any public transportation even exist. Yet in New York this is how you commute. The subway, the train, and taxi's. Have we not replicated New York because commuting in our own cars is easier? Driving into the suburbs versus taking a train? Is it easier to have a family this way? Why is nearly every city in America different from New York's transportation system?  

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