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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thoughts on 2016 Election Results

I sat on my couch late least night/early this morning in utter disbelief. I tried to imagine Trump in our future textbooks, him speaking after the next disaster that strikes our country, I tried to imagine him as the face of our country - realistically, this time - and I couldn't. What discourages me the most about Trump winning this year's presidential election isn't so much that I simply dislike him for obvious reasons, but how powerful his following is and how blindly in the wrong they are.. So many normal people fueled by anger and fear. It disheartens me to see our country progress greatly in other areas only to elect Trump immediately after our first black president. I would write more about this, but I honestly just don't have the words right now.


  1. I can definitely identify with your anguish. I have noticed (and poll statistics has shown) that most of his voters were uneducated. Which is sadly the majority of American's. I have also noticed that those who are educated and supporting him are blinded by nefarious religious belief, and the belief that their religion should run the country. It seems as though freedom of religion is just going to be thrown aside for the next several years...and that terrifies me. (H1)

  2. I was also shocked by the outcome. However, I came across an image that displayed how our generation voted across the country and it was mainly for Hillary. Trump knows how to play people, I just hope our generation does not fall for it over the next 4 years.

  3. Uneducated does not equal stupid. Our president elect is a very smart, well educated man that ran a very successful campaign. And yes, while many of his supporters may be "uneducated", that does not make their vote or opinions count any less. In fact, it just shows just how many people are sick of politicians and their lies, and how desperate we as a country are for change H3