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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Recovering Perfectionist, Curent Hedonist

     Since everyone is talking about themselves in the posts this week, i'd like to share my experience on being an exceptional child. This chapter on warrior children and tiger moms gave me flashbacks to my childhood and what a literal mess being an 'exceptional' child has made me now as an adult. As people, we put so much pressure on creating these perfect kids who aren't allowed to make mistakes, and as they grow up, don't know how to handle being wrong or making any kind of mistakes. I grew up to be very self critical and harsh and also very depressed. I excelled in school and nothing else mattered- not my physical, emotional, or mental health.
     To get myself out of being an extreme perfectionist and success junkie bent on pleasing everyone, over the past year and a half I've come to identify my behavior change with hedonism. If something made me happy, in perfect condition or not, I would immediately jump to it, regardless of the consequences. Impulsiveness is not the best answer to this, but finally letting go what people think and just focus on myself, I've become a lot happier of a person. It's great to be great, but it should not come before your personal happiness and your health. I haven't let it affect my motivation to do great, but i'm ok with knowing i'm not perfect nor will I ever be.

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