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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rebecca's Googleplex (H3)

For today’s reading we looked at Ms. Goldstein's novel, Plato at the Googleplex.  Personally I’m not a big fan, the way she chose to present it personally does not appeal to me and I believe she shows Plato as being a little too passive and accepting in my opinion.  Despite what I might think of her choice of presentation though, when I took a closer look at what she was doing I found myself admiring her quite a bit.  When you are reading this you might notice that there are no quotation marks, I didn’t see one.  The reason for that is that she is writing this as a dialogue.  Yes, that may seem obvious but she is righting this as a platonic dialogue and, more accurately, she is rewriting republic after her own fashion.  You see this all throughout the sixty odd pages we had to read almost from the beginning.  It start with Plato coming down to the Googleplex.  Much like Socrates “Went down to the Piraeus” at the start of Republic.  He begins a conversation with Cheryl, who came down with him.  Much like Glaucon went down with Socrates, later to be joined by Marcus, who is our stand in for Adeimantus.  These three are the central figures of our dialogue as the begin talking about things that are, of course, discussed in Republic.  I am still not a fan of the book, but I have a lot more respect for the author because of her original adaptation of Republic.

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