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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Perspective H02

If you've read some of my previous posts, you'll know that accepting the existence of different perspectives is very important to me. When I saw this picture (on Ifunny), I immediately loved it. It's a modern and understandable example that though two people may be looking at the same thing, or have gone through the same experience, it is always interpreted differently. That's part of what makes humans individual.

I'm truly bothered when someone thinks they're right, and the other person is wrong, when it's just a difference of not only opinion, but also understand. Humans all have unique minds, backgrounds, environments, and factors. All of that combined explains how everyone, even twins, can have completely different lives. This is important not only for the growth of the individual, but of mankind as a whole.

Try something for me- when you come across an instance relatable to the picture above, just try to listen. Listening is the key to understanding and accepting that everyone has different experiences and different interpretations and perspectives.

I challenged this myself to do this when the 'preacher' came on campus last week, an extreme example. It was hard, especially with the rumors going around that he was only baiting people, and with how he was provoking people.

It works better with respectable people, obviously, but I love challenging myself by forcing myself to listen to messages ranging from small disagreements to very controversial topics to the ones that were being preached last week.

When you listen, make it at a simple disagreement- something that gives you a good chance of understanding perspective. From there, you can move on.

As is probably very obvious, I'm a case-by-case person that doesn't accept universal truths, and I care about other people's opinions and views. So just try- try to listen and see if you can figure out where the other person is coming from.


  1. (H3) It's unfortunate that the truth of the fact that, we can both be right without the other being wrong, or vice verse, often gets lost in a world of absolutests, who seek security in solid truths that they probably defend so zealously because they know they are not so solid.

  2. (H3) I think it takes an extremely strong person to admit that they could be wrong. It is easy to make an argument and stick to your opinion. All you have to do is ignore or dismiss every other opinion around you. However, the ability to listen and understand someone else's view is extremely valuable and, unfortunately, too rare in today's world of extremes. Being able to see a situation from someone else's viewpoint makes you a better, more understanding individual, and the world needs more people like that than those like the megaphone preacher.

  3. It also bothers me when I'm matters of opinion, one sees their own as more important. Each person is unique and goes through their own experiences which means that every single person sees everything differently and that there is no one right answer to a problem that is pure opinion based with no grounding in fact.

  4. I think the big problem people have is that they cannot accept that their own views are not concrete. For those people, to admit that someone else's view is possible means to admit that their view is impossible. So many people struggle to come to terms with that and see anything wrong with their own views and their own flaws. I think that is the main thing wrong with perspective in people's eyes.