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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Our Relationship with the Internet


            I feel that most of use do not adequately understand the internet and our relationship to it. Most of us know the basics of how it works, but seem unaware of the impact it has on us, and vise versa. We use the internet to find information, connect with friends, and express our creativity. We view it as a resource and an outlet. As time goes on, we have become more dependent on the internet – so much so that I’m not sure we (my generation especially) would know what to do without it.

            We all know that the internet has a long list of pros, and has benefited modern society in a multitude of ways. It has made information more accessible, and provided a new platform to express opinions. It also allows us to communicate more quickly and easily with others, and reach out to those we would otherwise not have access to. With these benefits comes a long list of disadvantages, though. This easy access to information has led us to expect instant gratification in all aspects of our life. The internet’s fast pace has shortened our attention span, and makes it hard for us to dig deep into a topic (because surface-level answers are so readily available). The “social” media side of the internet may make conversation easier online, but has arguably made conversation in-person much more difficult. It’s much easier to express an opinion when you’re looking at a screen instead of a person. I know many people (including myself sometimes) that post about controversial topics online, but have little to say when confronted in-person. I am by no means against the use of the internet. However, I do feel that we should become more aware of the effects internet usage has on us and our behaviors.  


  1. (H3) This is where Aristotle, would, I believe, say that it is important to cultivate virtues so we do not become victims of the drains which the internet could inflict on us.

  2. In response to your first paragraph, I agree. Our generation has grown too attatched to the internet and most would not know what to do if internet dissapeared.

  3. While I agree that our generation has become dependent on the Internet, I do not agree that is a bad thing. Decades ago, people were saying that a generation was too dependent on vehicles. Now I'm not saying that vehicles have no cons, but would you claim now that it is so awful that we use cars? Without cars we would be as lost as we would without internet. I'm sure as well that in a few years another generation will too be dependent on something that many frown upon.