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Thursday, November 10, 2016

(H1) On Raising an Excellent Child

I agree that it is the parents' and other authority figures' responsibility to a growing child to help them maximize and achieve their own individual potential so that each child can become the best version of themselves they can be and achieve their own "personhood." Each authority figure has a responsibility to help cultivate each individual child's talents and interests, so that a child interested in art will be allowed to pursue that avenue under guidance the same way a child interested in math might pursue their passion. With his in mind, parents should not try and push their child to the highest standards and achievement of something the child has no interest in. While encouragement in other areas is good, the same proficiency a child has in art should no necessarily be expected of them in subjects like math or science - however, it is good to have a base understanding of other subjects like these.
Plato's concept of control being the essence of freedom is accurate in the sense of raising young children, I believe. Up to a certain age children need to be guided and kept under control so that they might flourish once given the chance to control their own freedom. This is the best way to open up multiple avenues to the child later on in life and allow them to go in whichever direction they choose, by controlling and guiding them in the early stages of youth. This control should not be domineering, though, and should be gentle with a focus on what is best for the child with a mind to the child's own personal abilities and limitations.


  1. Interestingly, many children who are controlled and forced to go in a particular direction at young ages become very rambunctious in later years. My brother, for instance did the exact opposite of what my mother thought he should do.

  2. There is one size fits all way to raise a child, but I do agree that it is good for children to a have a base understanding of many subjects. For instance, our schools do a good job of exposing kids to many subject areas so they can see what their strengths and weaknesses are H3