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Friday, November 4, 2016

Another Response to Discussion Questions

The internet is an interesting tool because it encapsulates social, political, educational, and entertainment aspects. Socially we use the internet alot more than we probably should. In fact, one of my friends recently tried to prove that we rely on and desire the use of social apps and the internet to make connections than through actual interaction. It was interesting to see how, while we do rely on the internet alot for our social lives, we actually do still prefer face-to-face contact as opposed to our computer monitors. Perhaps that is because of Man's innate desire for companionship. Politically and educationally the internet is just a useful tool for accessing and learning information more quickly. The issue, however, is that while we may have quick access to millions of articles, books, etc., rarely do we ever actually learn any of the information. Rather we absorb what we desire to or need to learn at one point in time and let that information drift away into the back of our consciousness when we find something more interesting or relevant. Also, we just assume that if we forget something, we can always look it up and remember again, yet we don't realize that that information will likely only stay with us for a few mere hours, days, or weeks before fading away. Thus the internet has in some ways harmed the thoughtfulness of mankind and Man's ability to think more deeply and philosophically about things. Also, generally the world, especially online, is moving faster than we sometimes realize and so things like taking time to slow down and actually think and ponder the reality of things has fallen out of style. Finally, entertainment wise. The internet has become the centerpiece of modern entertainment. Something we don't quite realize about mankind is how much he desires to be entertained. My rhetoric teacher once told my class and I a story. He told us that a family or some group at a church pulled together some funds and helped this impoverished family get a fridge for their home. This was all fine and good, until the family went and sold their fridge, but what did they spend that money on instead? Drugs? Pugs? Mugs? Actually, no. They spent their money on a TV. The fact is, yes the internet has ruined our ability to think, because we rely on it far too much for our shallow social lives, our fleeting education, and our unfulfilling entertainment.


  1. Perhaps its good that we choose to addict ourselves to something comparatively harmless. I believe although technology is over used it would also be better that that family buy a t.v. then drugs.

  2. I think that the internet can be used for a plethora of activities such as learning and using social media apps, and is generally a good useful tool. However, just like anything you can easily become addicted and use it as a crutch, and not a tool. Moderation is key

  3. I agree with what you said about us barely learning any of the information. We have access to so many educational opportunities on the internet, but who is going to take the time to sit down and look up articles if not for a homework assignment? Also the fact that they sold their fridge that other people had worked to give them shows how some people can take the addiction too far.