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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Humans walk pretty much every day. However, peripatetic walking is definitely new to me as of taking this philosophy course. I think many people today walk as a means of transportation and not a time to think freely. And at that, our generation relies on cars, subways, and planes for transportation more than walking. As we have already read, there is a difference between inside and outside. Now, Gros introduces walking in urban areas in comparison to walking in the country. I personally prefer walking in the country to fulfill a peripatetic walk. Walking in the countryside offers me so much more inspiration. There is inspiration in the natural world that is usually hidden to the civilized eye. In nature, I am fascinated by things as simple as the leaves, the current of the stream and its eroded rocks. From these examples, I see nature at work. There are so many complex processes occurring under physical laws. There’s of course gravity, flow of energy, chemical and biological processes, etc. I am reminded that these laws apply to my physical being as well. Walking in the country, I know that I am part of nature. Living with nature separates you from the daily tasks linked to living in a city. Walking in the city is also needed, according to Gros. Although I do prefer walking in the country, I agree with him. Walking in the city offers not the inspiration of nature, but the inspiration from other people. We are not just of the body, but we are also of the mind. I do believe people create beautiful things. This can include visual art, music, or new ideas. We are strongly tied to one another though a shared culture and history that shape our beliefs. The city itself is a reflection of the intellectual power of the people. The skyscrapers that seem to touch the sky and the technological advances that supply power are man-made.


  1. I truly enjoy walking outside of urban areas, however, I have recently been struggling with anxiety issues that prevent me from being comfortable in secluded places.

  2. I would much rather walk in the countryside this is because it allows for a feeling of serenity and quietness. State parks I have found are some of the best places to walk.

  3. I agree that walking in the city opens our minds to these things, but the country opens my mind to so much more. The natural beauty of the world pulls me in more than humanistic beauty.