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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Science and Philosophy, what is substance?

Lately the philosophers we have read about have something to input on substance or matter. It is a fundamental question in philosophy to ask about matter and the universe but I am also partial to science. And being partial to science I wonder where these guys think of these ideas of substances or matter vs the mind and so on and so forth. In Science you break it down to atoms or even small to the protons and electrons and how ever else you can group those into a smaller category. In Philosophy, you have someone like Leibniz who thinks about an infinite number of substances. For some that could be close enough but I continue to look further at Spinoza or even Berkeley who each have different points of view on matter and substance. Spinoza believed in one substance which is god. Okay fair enough if you are religious you see everything as an extension of some divine power but I don’t always see it that way. Substance or matter is what makes up the universe so with that logic implied, the universe is made up of God. A little farfetched for me. But if you look at an infinite number of substances making up a vast world and universe well it puts a little more perspective on the science behind the philosophy. 


  1. Referring to these aspects as substances did not sit well with me either. Substances have scientifically definable realities.

  2. Remember what Einstein about being unable to see the philosophical forest for the trees.
    It sat very well with me, and the narrative was parallel to the thinking of process of my own. When I approach science, I come with questions which I know I or someone who precedes me in the same study will define. However, I approach philosophy with the answers to questions I would like to define the questions to. Science and philosophy are both incredibly awesome and not mutually exclusive.

  3. Kaite Berry H0111:55 AM CDT

    I really liked this section that began to include some science and space into this. Hearing how they felt about substances in their time, I would love to see how they would feel after living a day in our era and seeing all of the change that has occurred since their time. I especially feel that Spinoza would change his views. In our world, I believe that he would see some of the things that are so corrupt he could not claim that it was God in any form. I believe it would just be interesting to see.