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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Harry Potter and Philosophy Group Summary (H3)

We divided the project into three main subjects, each subject branching into smaller topics, and assigned each subject to a group member. Christian will start off with the Mirror or Erised and explain its possible inspirations, compare it to Robert Nozick's theoretical Experience Machine, and interpret the desires shown in the Mirror. Maddi will then explain the house-elves within the wizarding world's caste system, (what it represents and how it could be addressed), and the role the Purebloods believe they play in society. Mikayla will then finish the presentation by explaining the philosophies of average members within of the four Houses of Hogwarts.
We each completed our third of the project mostly individually, and we prepared to present when we met in our two group meetings. Maddi made the powerpoint presentation, and Christian added some pictures to his slides since his subjects are more widespread.

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