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Monday, October 3, 2016

(H3) Political Philosophy

      As we've looked at several philosophy's regarding politics lately it has led me to ponder our presidential candidates and the upcoming election. What do I want in a national leader? What is the best way for the government to be run? What qualities are important for a leader to have in my opinion? As I looked at both of our top candidates for the potential leader of our country it became quite terrifying. I believe honesty is one of the most important qualities for a leader and it seems as if both candidates have quite a bit to hide or quite a bit they're attempting to hide. It seems like the game of politics is a game of lying these days and if honesty is an essential then it leaves our country in a dismal place. It has made me think of what kind of government and leader would be ideal for me and I don't think there's one perfect leader we could have, each one will have flaws. The most important leadership qualities to me I think are honesty, empathy, intellect, and broad mindedness. Sadly I don't see all of these qualities in our current candidates and it makes me fear for the next four years America will face but I pray that in this will open the eyes of our citizens to be more aware of the leaders chosen in our next election and the qualities they possess. 


  1. reading about the philosophers different views has had an effect on me I now believe that the only way that one can be a good leader and also lie is to conceal there lies so that there is no way that someone can tell they are lies.

  2. I agree with you 100% on the traits a leader, particularly our country's leader should have. In this day and age, however, I believe that it would be difficult or near impossible to find someone who has those traits. So many people have corrupted themselves just trying to get to the top that it would be so hard just to get close to power fairly. I agree with you about worrying for our future, the next four years are going to be unique to say the least.