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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Maze

Is it possible to alter the future?

To simply put it, of course. Why wouldn’t it be possible to alter the future? Maybe future isn’t one predestined, inevitable outcome, but rather like a maze- similar to the mazes we completed in coloring books as children except this maze possesses an infinite number of exits, creating limitless routes. Considering this idea, the shirt one chooses to wear on a particular day, the simple conversation between two people, the gift one selects to give to a significant other, the decision one makes about which college to attend or which occupation to pursue, or the choice of name one picks out for his or her newborn baby may change the direction of a course or it could change the exit completely. It’s a chain reaction; because someone in this part of the world made this decision, another person on the opposite side of the world could be affected minutely or immensely. There may even be a multitude of “mazes” within a bigger “maze,” explaining an individual’s future in correspondence with the future of mankind, the earth, the universe, and so on. Nevertheless, I do not think one would realize that he or she is in the midst of altering the future; perhaps it is everyday occurrences that humans naturally perform that impact the future most profoundly. Or perhaps it is not…


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  1. Kaite Berry H0111:37 AM CDT

    I really liked your analogy to a maze, it is one I haven't heard before. It does really explain a different side in the middle of fate and choice that showcases our individual effects on our world and I really liked that.