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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

WWW. Right or Privlage? (H3)

My grandfather is a little old fashion and doesn't even own a smart phone, let alone a personal computer of any kind. One joke he likes to make is that if people of the current generation were disconnected from the internet for very long they would start dropping dead from withdrawal. Although the internet fills an important role in our modern American lives, but how important is the internet? Should access to it be a human right, or is it jut a privilege?

Is the Internet a Right Or Privilege?


  1. As with most technological and scientific achievements, the discovery itself is neutral. What we do with these discoveries ultimately determines whether or not it is good or bad. For example, the technology that gave way to the atomic bombs during World War II also flew us to the moon. The Internet was created to connect people from anywhere on Earth. This can have some obvious good and bad outcomes. What it does objectively do is allow anyone and everyone on Earth to communicate with one another. An IP address is neither wealthy, poor, black, white, Muslim, Atheist, straight, gay, male or female. It is a sign that humans are heading for unity, rather than dissonance.

    Yes, it can and is often used for mind numbing purposes. Perhaps we spend too much time on the Internet doing things that ultimately have a negative impact on us, rather than physiologically constructive activities like enjoying nature. But The Internet is a profoundly revolutionary implementation. As for whether or not it is a right, I think it is as much a right to communicate with people over the Internet as it is to mail a letter, make a phone call, or meet physically. (H3)

  2. Access to the internet should be a right, however, i'm almost tempted to say the opposite since it has already become so cluttered with meaningless trash that has offset our search for knowledge and rather implemented an eternal search for entertainment. And if it were held as a right, then I fear more and more people would pervert and skew the knowledge already accessible, continue to trash the web, or simply create new forms of entertainment which distract, degrade, and discombobulate. (H3)

  3. So many people in the world do not have enough food to eat, let alone access to the Internet. We live in a privileged country who is far more developed but by no means should the Internet be a right. (H3)

  4. The internet is not a right and never should be considered one. Humans have no necessity for it and do not need it to live. We have other resources in our world that fulfill the same roles as the internet: books for information and knowledge, letters for communication, newspapers for the news and world events. The internet is not a necessity meaning that it should not be considered a right.