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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Why try? (H1)

What are we doing with our lives? Do we even matter in the unforgivable web of space and time that simply ticks on? We are living on a pale blue dot… a pale, blue, dot. A dot. That’s it. That is all that our lives are going to amount to. Everything that we have ever done no matter how great or small is completely irrelevant when looking at the grand picture. We as a society spend thousands upon thousands of dollars each year to attend a university that is supposed to grant us with a degree in four years (hopefully) so that we may become successful in the future. For what? We become successful, have a high paying job with excellent benefits and then what? We die, and all of that hard work goes to waste. I mean, we are living on the pale blue dot, so who cares what we do? We are so little in comparison to the overall picture of the universe that by us being there or not, it doesn’t make a difference.

However, this is the point where we have to realize that size is merely a matter of perspective. From where we are looking at the world, it is incomprehensible how big it truly is. Every achievement made, love shared, lives changed, and heart touched has all lived on this massive planet that we call home and this is what we live for. We don’t merely count the days but we make the days count because as one poet once said, “To live on the hearts of others is to never die.” And whether that be through eternal life in a religious belief or simply leaving a legacy (good or bad) that has made an impact on others, we have turned that pale blue dot into an endless sea of possibilities that we must make the most of.

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  1. I really like how inspiring your post is and how it takes away some of the stigma of how little our planet is. It helps capture how important we are, no matter how small.